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   Gadus virens 
   Polachius virens 
   Pollachius virens (Coal-fish) 

Broader Terms:
   Gadiformes (gadiforms) 
   Pollachius (pollocks) 
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Common Names: Carbonero, Coalfish, Blaufisch, Bacalao, Kench cure, Fogonero, Köhler, Saida, Escamudo, Coal-fish, Billet, Greslin, Gloshan, Badejo, Saithe, Gilpin, Merluche, American pollack, Pollock, Bloggan, Green cod, Faneca plataeada carbonero, Colin, Czarniak, Glassan ....

1.  Dietary fat concentrations influence fatty acid assimilation patterns in Atlantic pollock (Pollachius virens).LinkIT
Budge SM, Townsend K, Lall SP, Bromaghin JF
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences, 2020

2.  [Effect of the combination of Metarhizium anisopliae and Gliocladium virens on the oviposition, hatching and emergency of Aedes aegypti].LinkIT
Torres-Estrada JL, Mendoza-Ledesma MN, Gálvez-Coutiño OR
Salud publica de Mexico, 2020

3.  Two mating-type genes MAT1-1-1 and MAT1-1-2 with significant functions in conidiation, stress response, sexual development, and pathogenicity of rice false smut fungus Villosiclava virens.LinkIT
Yong M, Yu J, Pan X, Yu M, Cao H, Song T, Qi Z, Du Y, Zhang R, Yin X, Liu W, Liu Y
Current genetics, 2020

4.  Preliminary Data Related to the Effect of Climacostol Produced by the Freshwater Ciliate Climacostomum virens on Human Adenovirus.LinkIT
Verani M, Di Giuseppe G, Federigi I, Buonanno F, Ortenzi C, Carducci A
Viruses, 2020

5.  Antimicrobial Activity of Cultivable Endophytic and Rhizosphere Fungi Associated with "Mile-a-Minute," Mikania cordata (Asteraceae).LinkIT
Jayatilake PL, Munasinghe H
BioMed research international, 2020

6.  Whole Genome Sequencing Reveals Major Deletions in the Genome of M7, a Gamma Ray-Induced Mutant of Trichoderma virens That Is Repressed in Conidiation, Secondary Metabolism, and Mycoparasitism.LinkIT
Pachauri S, Sherkhane PD, Kumar V, Mukherjee PK
Frontiers in microbiology, 2020

7.  A putative effector UvHrip1 inhibits BAX-triggered cell death in Nicotiana benthamiana, and infection of Ustilaginoidea virens suppresses defense-related genes expression.LinkIT
Wang Y, Li J, Xiang S, Zhou J, Peng X, Hai Y, Wang Y, Li S, Wei S
PeerJ, 2020

8.  Ustiloxin A is Produced Early in Experimental Ustilaginoidea virens Infection and Affects Transcription in Rice.LinkIT
Hu Z, Zheng L, Huang J, Zhou L, Liu C, Liu H
Current microbiology, 2020

9.  Expression, purification, crystallization and X-ray diffraction studies of a novel root-induced secreted protein from Trichoderma virens.LinkIT
Bansal R, Mistry HU, Mukherjee PK, Gupta GD
Acta crystallographica. Section F, Structural biology communications, 2020

10.  Natural Function and Structural Modification of Climacostol, a Ciliate Secondary Metabolite.LinkIT
Buonanno F, Catalani E, Cervia D, Cimarelli C, Marcantoni E, Ortenzi C
Microorganisms, 2020