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   Pneumodermopsis ciliata 

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Pneumodermon ciliatum Gegenbaur, 1855 - WoRMS latest additions
Pneumodermon Cuvier, 1817 - WoRMS latest additions

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1.  Plant litter decomposition in wetlands is closely associated with phyllospheric fungi as revealed by microbial community dynamics and co-occurrence network.LinkIT
Zhan P, Liu Y, Wang H, Wang C, Xia M, Wang N, Cui W, Xiao D, Wang H
The Science of the total environment, 2021

2.  Determining Soil Microbial Communities and Their Influence on Ganoderma Disease Incidences in Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) via High-Throughput Sequencing.LinkIT
Goh YK, Zoqratt MZHM, Goh YK, Ayub Q, Ting ASY
Biology, 2020

3.  Two new species of Euplotes with cirrotype-9, Euplotes foissneri sp. nov. and Euplotes warreni sp. nov. (Ciliophora, Spirotrichea, Euplotida), from the coasts of Patagonia: implications from their distant, early and late branching in the Euplotes phylogenetic tree.LinkIT
Valbonesi A, Di Giuseppe G, Vallesi A, Luporini P
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology, 2020

4.  New species of Tulasnella associated with Australian terrestrial orchids in the Cryptostylidinae and Drakaeinae.LinkIT
Arifin AR, May TW, Linde CC
Mycologia, 2020

5.  Effect of environmental factors on survival and population growth of ciliated parasite, Mesanophrys sp. (Ciliophora: Scuticociliatia) infecting Portunus trituberculatus.LinkIT
Perveen S, Lei Y, Yin F, Wang C
Parasitology, 2020

6.  Morphology, Morphogenesis and Phylogenetic Position of the Soil Hypotrichous Ciliate, Parabistichella dieckmanni (Foissner, 1998) Foissner, 2016 (Ciliophora, Hypotrichia), with Notes on the Phylogeny of Parabistichella.LinkIT
Lyu Z, Li J, Wang Y, Shao C
The Journal of eukaryotic microbiology, 2020

7.  Leachate microbiome profile reveals bacteria, archaea and eukaryote dynamics and methanogenic function during solid waste decomposition.LinkIT
Yang S, Li L, Peng X, Song L
Bioresource technology, 2020

8.  Ciliates as bioindicators of water quality: A case study in the neotropical region and evidence of phylogenetic signals (18S-rDNA).LinkIT
Dias RJP, de Souza PM, Rossi MF, Wieloch AH, da Silva-Neto ID, D'Agosto M
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 2020

9.  Re-Claiming Adrien Certes (1835-1903), Pioneer Deep-Sea Microbiologist, as a Protistologist.LinkIT
Dolan JR
Protist, 2020

10.  Rediscovery of Seven Long-Forgotten Species of Peronospora and Plasmopara (Oomycota).LinkIT
Lee JS, Shin HD, Choi YJ
Mycobiology, 2020