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   Pneumoderma atlantica 
   Pneumoderma atlanticum 
   Pneumoderma atlanticum atlanticum 
   Pneumoderma atlanticum atlanticum pygmaeum 
   Pneumoderma atlanticum pacificum 
   Pneumoderma degraaffi 
   Pneumoderma heronensis 
   Pneumoderma mediterraneum 
   Pneumoderma violaceum 
   Pneumoderma violaceum pacificum 
   Pneumoderma violaceum violaceum 
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11.  Pancreatic biopsy as a procedure for detecting in situ autoimmune phenomena in type 1 diabetes: close correlation between serological markers and histological evidence of cellular autoimmunity.LinkIT
Imagawa A, Hanafusa T, Tamura S, Moriwaki M, Itoh N, Yamamoto K, Iwahashi H, Yamagata K, Waguri M, Nanmo T, Uno S, Nakajima H, Namba M, Kawata S, Miyagawa JI, Matsuzawa Y
Diabetes, 2001

12.  Microanatomy and ultrastructure of the excretory system of two pelagic opisthobranch species (Gastropoda: Gymnosomata and Thecosomata).LinkIT
Fahrner A, Haszprunar G
Journal of submicroscopic cytology and pathology, 2000

13.  [Analysis of complications following laparoscopic surgery].LinkIT
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14.  [Complications of the laparoscopic access].LinkIT
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Il Giornale di chirurgia, 1996

15.  Iatrogenic pneumothorax and pneumoderma in a mouse.LinkIT
Fisk SK
Laboratory animal science, 1976

16.  Maintenance of normal morphology in adenohypophysial transplants by topical administration of hypothalamic extracts with a simple method for transplantation in a pneumoderma pouch.LinkIT
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Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine (New York, N.Y.), 1967

17.  The inhibitory effect of amphotericin B on localized Rhizopus oryzae infection (mucormycosis) utilizing the pneumoderma pouch of the rat.LinkIT
Antibiotics & chemotherapy (Northfield, Ill.), 1958

18.  [Effect of glycocorticoids and mineral corticoids injected locally on blood glycoprotein levels during the development of localized pneumoderma in rats].LinkIT
Comptes rendus des seances de la Societe de biologie et de ses filiales, 1955

19.  [Development of a mouse mammary adenocarcinoma transplanted into a pneumoderma].LinkIT
Bulletin de l'Association francaise pour l'etude du cancer, 1954

20.  The effect of topically administered hydrocortisone upon dystrophic skin, as revealed by the pneumoderma technic.LinkIT
The Journal of investigative dermatology, 1953