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   Plocamium preissianum 

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1.  Every Rule Has an Exception: a Cheater in the Community-Wide Mutualism in Antarctic Seaweed Forests.LinkIT
Heiser S, Amsler CD, McClintock JB, Shilling AJ, Baker BJ
Integrative and comparative biology, 2020

2.  Occurrence and fate studies (sunlight exposure and stable carbon isotope analysis) of the halogenated natural product MHC-1 and its producer Plocamium cartilagineum.LinkIT
Wu Q, Krauß S, Vetter W
The Science of the total environment, 2020

3.  30 years revisit survey for long-term changes in the Antarctic subtidal algal assemblage.LinkIT
Ko YW, Choi HG, Lee DS, Kim JH
Scientific reports, 2020

4.  Anti-obesity effects of red seaweed, Plocamium telfairiae, in C57BL/6 mice fed a high-fat diet.LinkIT
Lu YA, Lee HG, Li X, Hyun JM, Kim HS, Kim TH, Kim HM, Lee JJ, Kang MC, Jeon YJ
Food & function, 2020

5.  A Novel Polyhalogenated Monoterpene Induces Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Cells.LinkIT
El Gaafary M, Hafner S, Lang SJ, Jin L, Sabry OM, Vogel CV, Vanderwal CD, Syrovets T, Simmet T
Marine drugs, 2019

6.  Costatone C-A New Halogenated Monoterpene from the New Zealand Red Alga Plocamium angustum.LinkIT
Bracegirdle J, Sohail Z, Fairhurst MJ, Gerth ML, Zuccarello GC, Ali Hashmi M, Keyzers RA
Marine drugs, 2019

7.  Anverenes B?E, New Polyhalogenated Monoterpenes from the Antarctic Red Alga Plocamium cartilagineum.LinkIT
Shilling AJ, von Salm JL, Sanchez AR, Kee Y, Amsler CD, McClintock JB, Baker BJ
Marine drugs, 2019

8.  Environmental modulation of the proteomic profiles from closely phylogenetically related populations of the red seaweed Plocamium brasiliense.LinkIT
Calegario G, Freitas L, Santos E, Silva B, Oliveira L, Garcia G, Omachi C, Pereira R, Thompson C, Thompson F
PeerJ, 2019

9.  Agarolytic culturable bacteria associated with three antarctic subtidal macroalgae.LinkIT
Sánchez Hinojosa V, Asenjo J, Leiva S
World journal of microbiology & biotechnology, 2018

10.  Red algal extracts from Plocamium lyngbyanum and Ceramium secundatum stimulate osteogenic activities in vitro and bone growth in zebrafish larvae.LinkIT
Carson MA, Nelson J, Cancela ML, Laizé V, Gavaia PJ, Rae M, Heesch S, Verzin E, Maggs C, Gilmore BF, Clarke SA
Scientific reports, 2018