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   Plocamium cornutum 

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1.  Assessment of potential anti-cancer stem cell activity of marine algal compounds using an in vitro mammosphere assay.LinkIT
de la Mare JA, Sterrenberg JN, Sukhthankar MG, Chiwakata MT, Beukes DR, Blatch GL, Edkins AL
Cancer cell international, 2013

2.  Quinones and halogenated monoterpenes of algal origin show anti-proliferative effects against breast cancer cells in vitro.LinkIT
de la Mare JA, Lawson JC, Chiwakata MT, Beukes DR, Edkins AL, Blatch GL
Investigational new drugs, 2012

3.  Identification and in vitro anti-esophageal cancer activity of a series of halogenated monoterpenes isolated from the South African seaweeds Plocamium suhrii and Plocamium cornutum.LinkIT
Antunes EM, Afolayan AF, Chiwakata MT, Fakee J, Knott MG, Whibley CE, Hendricks DT, Bolton JJ, Beukes DR
Phytochemistry, 2011

4.  Antiplasmodial halogenated monoterpenes from the marine red alga Plocamium cornutum.LinkIT
Afolayan AF, Mann MG, Lategan CA, Smith PJ, Bolton JJ, Beukes DR
Phytochemistry, 2009