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   Labrus laevis 
   Plectropomus laevis (Black-saddled leopardgrouper) 

Broader Terms:
   Labrus (wrasses) 
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
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Common Names: Footballer trout, Kokuhan-ara, Sheosheol taiyaaw, Giant coraltrout, Giant coral trout, Bluespot trout, Garoupa selada, Chinese footballer, Joweme, Sunuk, Black-saddled coral trout, Blacksaddle coralgrouper, Chewa, Kerapu bara, Coral trout, Jawe, Mero ensillado, Baghak, Lapu-lapu, Wayeer, Saint Sillac, Black-saddled leopardgrouper, Tonu, blacksaddled coraltrout, Saumonnée ....

1.  Anisakid nematodes (Nematoda: Anisakidae) from the marine fishes Plectropomus laevis Lacépède (Serranidae) and Sphyraena qenie Klunzinger (Sphyraenidae) off New Caledonia, including two new species of Hysterothylacium Ward & Magath, 1917.LinkIT
Moravec F, Justine JL
Systematic parasitology, 2015

2.  Bucephalidae (Platyhelminthes: Digenea) of Plectropomus (Serranidae: Epinephelinae) in the tropical Pacific.LinkIT
Bott NJ, Miller TL, Cribb TH
Parasitology research, 2013

3.  Bucephalidae (Digenea) from epinephelines (Serranidae: Perciformes) from the waters off New Caledonia, including Neidhartia lochepintade n. sp.LinkIT
Bray RA, Justine JL
Parasite (Paris, France), 2013

4.  Classic approach revitalizes genomics: Complete characterization of a candidate gene for thermal adaptation in two coral reef fishes.LinkIT
Edmunds RC, Hillersøy G, Momigliano P, van Herwerden L
Marine genomics, 2012

5.  A revision of the family Dissonidae Kurtz, 1924 (Copepoda: Siphonostomatoida).LinkIT
Boxshall GA, Lin CL, Ho JS, Ohtsuka S, Venmathi Maran BA, Justine JL
Systematic parasitology, 2008

6.  Diplectanids (Monogenea) parasitic on the gills of the coralgroupers Plectropomus laevis and P. leopardus (Perciformes, Serranidae) off New Caledonia, with the description of five new species and the erection of Echinoplectanum n. g.LinkIT
Justine JL, Euzet L
Systematic parasitology, 2006

7.  Phosphoinositide 3-kinase is involved in Xenopus and Labrus melanophore aggregation.LinkIT
Andersson TP, Sköld HN, Svensson SP
Cellular signalling, 2003

8.  Microsatellite markers for coral trout (Plectropomus laevis) and red throat emperor (Lethrinus miniatus) and their utility in other species of reef fish.LinkIT
Herwerden LV, Benzie J, Peplow L, Davies C
Molecular ecology, 2000