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Broader Terms:
   Orobanchaceae (broomrape) 
   Scrophulariaceae (figworts) 

More Specific:
   Phtheirospermum auratum 
   Phtheirospermum chinense 
   Phtheirospermum esquirolii 
   Phtheirospermum esquirolli 
   Phtheirospermum glandulosum 
   Phtheirospermum japonicum 
   Phtheirospermum muliense 
   Phtheirospermum parishii 
   Phtheirospermum tenuisectum 
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External Resources:

1.  Orobanchaceae parasite-host interactions.LinkIT
Mutuku JM, Cui S, Yoshida S, Shirasu K
The New phytologist, 2020

2.  Quinone perception in plants via leucine-rich-repeat receptor-like kinases.LinkIT
Laohavisit A, Wakatake T, Ishihama N, Mulvey H, Takizawa K, Suzuki T, Shirasu K
Nature, 2020

3.  Ethylene signaling mediates host invasion by parasitic plants.LinkIT
Cui S, Kubota T, Nishiyama T, Ishida JK, Shigenobu S, Shibata TF, Toyoda A, Hasebe M, Shirasu K, Yoshida S
Science advances, 2020

4.  Host-parasite tissue adhesion by a secreted type of ?-1,4-glucanase in the parasitic plant Phtheirospermum japonicum.LinkIT
Kurotani KI, Wakatake T, Ichihashi Y, Okayasu K, Sawai Y, Ogawa S, Cui S, Suzuki T, Shirasu K, Notaguchi M
Communications biology, 2020

5.  An auxin transport network underlies xylem bridge formation between the hemi-parasitic plant Phtheirospermum japonicum and host Arabidopsis.LinkIT
Wakatake T, Ogawa S, Yoshida S, Shirasu K
Development (Cambridge, England), 2020

6.  Phylogenetic Relationships in Orobanchaceae Inferred From Low-Copy Nuclear Genes: Consolidation of Major Clades and Identification of a Novel Position of the Non-photosynthetic Orobanche Clade Sister to All Other Parasitic Orobanchaceae.LinkIT
Li X, Feng T, Randle C, Schneeweiss GM
Frontiers in plant science, 2019

7.  Horizontal Gene Transfer in Five Parasite Plant Species in Orobanchaceae.LinkIT
Kado T, Innan H
Genome biology and evolution, 2018

8.  Induced cell fate transitions at multiple cell layers configure haustorium development in parasitic plants.LinkIT
Wakatake T, Yoshida S, Shirasu K
Development (Cambridge, England), 2018

9.  Blowing the dog whistle.LinkIT
Rich PJ
The New phytologist, 2018

10.  Host lignin composition affects haustorium induction in the parasitic plants Phtheirospermum japonicum and Striga hermonthica.LinkIT
Cui S, Wada S, Tobimatsu Y, Takeda Y, Saucet SB, Takano T, Umezawa T, Shirasu K, Yoshida S
The New phytologist, 2018