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Common Names: phoronids, foronídeos, horseshoe worms, foronida, foronidas, foronidei, hufeisenwürmer, phoronidiens, phoronid worms

61.  Podocytes in the blood vessel linings of Phoronis muelleri (Phoronida, Tentaculata).LinkIT
Storch V, Herrmann K
Cell and tissue research, 1978

62.  [Regenerating histogenesis in Phoronida].LinkIT
Emig CC
Wilhelm Roux' Archiv fur Entwicklungsmechanik der Organismen, 1973

63.  Digestive tract enzymes in Phoronida.LinkIT
Vandermeulen JH, Reid RG
Comparative biochemistry and physiology, 1969