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Common Names: phoronid worms, horseshoe worms, phoronidiens, foronidei, hufeisenwürmer, phoronids, foronidas, foronídeos, foronida

51.  Regional specification during embryogenesis in the craniiform brachiopod Crania anomala.LinkIT
Freeman G
Developmental biology, 2000

52.  Phoronis ovalis (Phoronida, Lophophorata) in the White Sea: the first discovery of phoronids in the Arctic Basin.LinkIT
Temereva EN, Malakhov VV, Yakovis EL, Fokin MV
Doklady biological sciences : proceedings of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Biological sciences sections, 2001

53.  Monophyly of brachiopods and phoronids: reconciliation of molecular evidence with Linnaean classification (the subphylum Phoroniformea nov.).LinkIT
Cohen BL
Proceedings. Biological sciences, 2000

54.  Regional specification during embryogenesis in the inarticulate brachiopod Discinisca.LinkIT
Freeman G
Developmental biology, 1999

55.  Molecular phylogeny of metazoan intermediate filament proteins.LinkIT
Erber A, Riemer D, Bovenschulte M, Weber K
Journal of molecular evolution, 1998

56.  Ciliary Feeding Assisted by Suction From the Muscular Oral Hood of Phoronid Larvae.LinkIT
Strathmann RR, Bone Q
The Biological bulletin, 1997

57.  18S rRNA suggests that Entoprocta are protostomes, unrelated to Ectoprocta.LinkIT
Mackey LY, Winnepenninckx B, De Wachter R, Backeljau T, Emschermann P, Garey JR
Journal of molecular evolution, 1996

58.  The hemoglobins of phoronopsis viridis, of the primitive invertebrate phylum phoronida: characterization and subunit structure.LinkIT
Garlick RL, Williams BJ, Riggs AF
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics, 1979

59.  Podocytes in the blood vessel linings of Phoronis muelleri (Phoronida, Tentaculata).LinkIT
Storch V, Herrmann K
Cell and tissue research, 1978

60.  [Regenerating histogenesis in Phoronida].LinkIT
Emig CC
Wilhelm Roux' Archiv fur Entwicklungsmechanik der Organismen, 1973