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The complete mitochondrial genome of Scutopus ventrolineatus (Mollusca: Cha... - BMC Evolutionary Biology
Phoronis emigi Hirose, Fukiage, Katoh & Kajihara, 2014 - WoRMS latest additions

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Common Names: phoronidiens, horseshoe worms, foronídeos, foronidas, foronidei, hufeisenwürmer, phoronids, foronida, phoronid worms

21.  [Evolutionary history of Metazoa, ancestral status of the bilateria clonal reproduction, and semicolonial origin of the mollusca].LinkIT
Martynov AV
Zhurnal obshchei biologii, 2013

22.  Development, organization, and remodeling of phoronid muscles from embryo to metamorphosis (Lophotrochozoa: Phoronida).LinkIT
Temereva EN, Tsitrin EB
BMC developmental biology, 2013

23.  Harry Beal Torrey (1873-1970) of California, USA, and his research on hydroids and other coelenterates.LinkIT
Calder DR
Zootaxa, 2013

24.  Early cleavage in Phoronis muelleri (Phoronida) displays spiral features.LinkIT
Pennerstorfer M, Scholtz G
Evolution & development, 2013

25.  Development of the nervous system in Phoronopsis harmeri (Lophotrochozoa, Phoronida) reveals both deuterostome- and trochozoan-like features.LinkIT
Temereva E, Wanninger A
BMC evolutionary biology, 2012

26.  Spiral cleavage and early embryology of a loxosomatid entoproct and the usefulness of spiralian apical cross patterns for phylogenetic inferences.LinkIT
Merkel J, Wollesen T, Lieb B, Wanninger A
BMC developmental biology, 2012

27.  Ventral nerve cord in Phoronopsis harmeri larvae.LinkIT
Temereva EN
Journal of experimental zoology. Part B, Molecular and developmental evolution, 2012

28.  Myoanatomy and serotonergic nervous system of plumatellid and fredericellid Phylactolaemata (Lophotrochozoa, Ectoprocta).LinkIT
Schwaha T, Wanninger A
Journal of morphology, 2012

29.  Complete mitochondrial genome of Tubulipora flabellaris (Bryozoa: Stenolaemata): the first representative from the class Stenolaemata with unique gene order.LinkIT
Sun M, Shen X, Liu H, Liu X, Wu Z, Liu B
Marine genomics, 2011

30.  Molecular paleobiological insights into the origin of the Brachiopoda.LinkIT
Sperling EA, Pisani D, Peterson KJ
Evolution & development, 2011