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1.  Taxonomic and functional diversity of the microbiome in a jet fuel contaminated site as revealed by combined application of in situ microcosms with metagenomic analysis.LinkIT
Hidalgo KJ, Teramoto EH, Soriano AU, Valoni E, Baessa MP, Richnow HH, Vogt C, Chang HK, Valéria MO
The Science of the total environment, 2020

2.  Propionate Converting Anaerobic Microbial Communities Enriched from Distinct Biogeochemical Zones of Aarhus Bay, Denmark under Sulfidogenic and Methanogenic Conditions.LinkIT
Ozuolmez D, Stams AJM, Plugge CM
Microorganisms, 2020

3.  Methanogenic biodegradation of iso-alkanes and cycloalkanes during long-term incubation with oil sands tailings.LinkIT
Siddique T, Semple K, Li C, Foght JM
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 2020

4.  Toxic tall fescue grazing increases susceptibility of the Angus steer fecal microbiota and plasma/urine metabolome to environmental effects.LinkIT
Mote RS, Hill NS, Skarlupka JH, Tran VT, Walker DI, Turner ZB, Sanders ZP, Jones DP, Suen G, Filipov NM
Scientific reports, 2020

5.  Response of Isovalerate-Degrading Methanogenic Microbial Community to Inhibitors.LinkIT
Li J, Wang HZ, Yi Y, Gou M, Nobu MK, Chen YT, Tang YQ
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology, 2020

6.  Gut Microbiota Are Associated With Psychological Stress-Induced Defections in Intestinal and Blood-Brain Barriers.LinkIT
Geng S, Yang L, Cheng F, Zhang Z, Li J, Liu W, Li Y, Chen Y, Bao Y, Chen L, Fei Z, Li X, Hou J, Lin Y, Liu Z, Zhang S, Wang H, Zhang Q, Wang H, Wang X, Zhang J
Frontiers in microbiology, 2019

7.  Fuzhuan Brick Tea Attenuates High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity and Associated Metabolic Disorders by Shaping Gut Microbiota.LinkIT
Liu D, Huang J, Luo Y, Wen B, Wu W, Zeng H, Zhonghua L
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2019

8.  Evaluating the effect of biochar on mesophilic anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge and microbial diversity.LinkIT
Wu B, Yang Q, Yao F, Chen S, He L, Hou K, Pi Z, Yin H, Fu J, Wang D, Li X
Bioresource technology, 2019

9.  Whole genome sequencing of a novel, dichloromethane-fermenting Peptococcaceae from an enrichment culture.LinkIT
Holland SI, Edwards RJ, Ertan H, Wong YK, Russell TL, Deshpande NP, Manefield MJ, Lee M
PeerJ, 2019

10.  Pretreatment With Bacillus cereus Preserves Against D-Galactosamine-Induced Liver Injury in a Rat Model.LinkIT
Li YT, Ye JZ, Lv LX, Xu H, Yang LY, Jiang XW, Wu WR, Shi D, Fang DQ, Bian XY, Wang KC, Wang QQ, Xie JJ, Lu YM, Li LJ
Frontiers in microbiology, 2019