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   Pelobionts entamoebae 

More Specific:
   Uncertain pelobionts 
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Common Names: Pelobionts

1.  First multigene analysis of Archamoebae (Amoebozoa: Conosa) robustly reveals its phylogeny and shows that Entamoebidae represents a deep lineage of the group.LinkIT
Pánek T, Zadrobílková E, Walker G, Brown MW, Gentekaki E, Hroudová M, Kang S, Roger AJ, Tice AK, Vl?ek ?, ?epi?ka I
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2016

2.  [Light- and electron-microscopic study of pelobiont Pelomyxa secunda (Gruber, 1884) comb. nov. (Archamoebae, Pelobiontida)].LinkIT
Berdieva MA, Chistiakova LV, Miteva OA, Frolov AO, Gudkov AV
Tsitologiia, 2015

3.  [Reisolation and redescription of pelobiont Pelomyxa paradoxa Penard, 1902 (Archamoebae, Pelobiontida)].LinkIT
Chistiakova LV, Berdieva MA, Frolov AO, Gudkov AV
Tsitologiia, 2014

4.  [Morphology of Mastigamoeba aspera Schulze, 1875 (Archamoebae, Pelobiontida)].LinkIT
Chistiakova LV, Miteva OA, Frolov AO
Tsitologiia, 2012

5.  [Light- and electron-microscopical study of Pelomyxa flava sp. n. (archamoebae, pelobiontida)].LinkIT
Frolov AO, Chistiakova LV, Malysheva MN
Tsitologiia, 2010

6.  [Light- and electron-microscopical study of Pelomyxa stagnalis Sp. n. (Archamoebae, Pelobiontida)].LinkIT
Chistiakova LV, Frolov AO
Tsitologiia, 2010

7.  [Light and electron microscopic investigation of Pelomyxa prima (Gruber, 1884) (Peloflagellatea, Pelobiontida)].LinkIT
Frolov AO, Chistiakova LV, Malysheva MN, Gudkov AV
Tsitologiia, 2005

8.  Amitochondriate amoebae and the evolution of DNA-dependent RNA polymerase II.LinkIT
Stiller JW, Duffield EC, Hall BD
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 1998

9.  Fine structure and taxonomic position of the giant amoeboid flagellate Pelomyxa palustris.LinkIT
Griffin JL
The Journal of protozoology, 1988