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   Bodianus bilunulatus (Pejakan) 

   Bodianus bilunulatus (Saddle-back hogfish) 
   Cheilinus chlororus 
   Cheilinus chlorouros 
   Cheilinus chlorourus (Redspotted maori wrasse) 
   Cheilinus chlorurus (yellowdotted maori wrasse) 
   Cheilinus fasciatus (Scarlet-breasted wrasse) 
   Cheilinus trilobatus (Triple-tail wrasse) 
   Epibulis insidiator 
   Epibulus insidiator (Slingjaw wrasse) 
   Halichoeres scalpularis 
   Halichoeres scapularis (Brownbanded wrasse) 
   Julis scapularis 
   Labrus bilunulatus 
   Sparus chlorourus 
   Sparus fasciatus 
   Sparus insidiator 

Broader Terms:
   Bodianus (hogfishes) 
   Halichoeres (wrasses) 
   Labrus (wrasses) 
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
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Sparus fasciatus
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41.  A proto-type galectin-2 from rock bream (Oplegnathus fasciatus): Molecular, genomic, and expression analysis, and recognition of microbial pathogens by recombinant protein.LinkIT
Thulasitha WS, Umasuthan N, Wan Q, Nam BH, Kang TW, Lee J
Developmental and comparative immunology, 2017

42.  Identification of a gene encoding a membrane-anchored toll-like receptor 5 (TLR5M) in Oplegnathus fasciatus that responds to flagellin challenge and activates NF-?B.LinkIT
Umasuthan N, Bathige SDNK, Thulasitha WS, Jayasooriya RGPT, Shin Y, Lee J
Fish & shellfish immunology, 2017

43.  Development of PCR method for detecting Kudoa iwatai (Myxozoa: Multivalvulida) from rock bream Oplegnathus fasciatus.LinkIT
Jeon CH, Do JW, Nam UH, Kim WS, Kim JH
Parasitology research, 2017

44.  Morphological and molecular study of Longicollum pagrosomi Yamaguti, 1935 (Acanthocephala: Pomphorhynchidae) from the barred knifejaw Oplegnathus fasciatus (Temminck & Schlegel) (Perciformes: Oplegnathidae) in the East China Sea.LinkIT
Li L, Yang Y, Zhang LP
Systematic parasitology, 2017

45.  Characterization of complete mitochondrial genome of fives tripe wrasse (Thalassoma quinquevittatum, Lay & Bennett, 1839) and phylogenetic analysis.LinkIT
Zhu K, Wu N, Sun X, Guo H, Zhang N, Jiang S, Zhang D
Gene, 2017

46.  Molecular and functional characterization of Toll-like receptor 21 in large yellow croaker (Larimichthys crocea).LinkIT
Sun M, Mu Y, Ding Y, Ao J, Chen X
Fish & shellfish immunology, 2016

47.  Establishment of rock bream Oplegnathus fasciatus embryo (RoBE-4) cells with cytolytic infection of red seabream iridovirus (RSIV).LinkIT
Oh SY, Nishizawa T
Journal of virological methods, 2016

48.  A description of two new species of the genus <i>Erenna</i> (Siphonophora: Physonectae: Erennidae), with notes on recently collected specimens of other <i>Erenna</i> species.LinkIT
Pugh PR, Haddock SH
Zootaxa, 2016

49.  Co-located 18S/5S rDNA arrays: an ancient and unusual chromosomal trait in Julidini species (Labridae, Perciformes).LinkIT
Amorim KD, Cioffi MB, Bertollo LA, Soares RX, de Souza AS, da Costa GW, Molina WF
Comparative cytogenetics, 2016

50.  Molecular characterization and expression analysis of toll-like receptor 2 in response to bacteria in silvery pomfret intestinal epithelial cells.LinkIT
Gao Q, Xiao Y, Zhang C, Min M, Peng S, Shi Z
Fish & shellfish immunology, 2016