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   Pascalia glauca (beach creeping oxeye) 
   Wedelia glauca 

Broader Terms:
   Wedelia (creepingoxeye) 
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The genus Zoniopoda (Acridoidea, Romaleidae, Romaleinae) - Journal of Orthoptera Research

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Common Names: beach creeping oxeye

1.  Fatal Wedelia glauca intoxication in calves following natural exposure.LinkIT
Giannitti F, Margineda CA, Cid MS, Montobbio C, Soteras CI, Caffarena RD, Diab SS
Veterinary pathology, 2013

2.  Mortality of a captive axis deer (Axis axis) and a llama (Lama glama) due to ingestion of Wedelia glauca.LinkIT
Giannitti F, Margineda CA, Cid MS, Diab SS, Weber N, Rodríguez A, Campero CM, Odriozola ER
Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation : official publication of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Inc, 2012

3.  LD50 and repellent effects of essential oils from Argentinian wild plant species on Varroa destructor.LinkIT
Ruffinengo S, Eguaras M, Floris I, Faverin C, Bailac P, Ponzi M
Journal of economic entomology, 2005

4.  Experimental intoxication of sheep and cattle with Wedelia glauca.LinkIT
Collazo L, Riet-Correa F
Veterinary and human toxicology, 1996

5.  Liver necrosis induced by Wedelia glauca in rats. A light and electron microscopy study.LinkIT
Tapia MO, Cravero A, Cadenazzi GE, Koch O
Veterinary and human toxicology, 1996

6.  Atractyloside, toxic compound from Wedelia glauca.LinkIT
Schteingart CD, Pomilio AB
Journal of natural products, 1985