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   Parkia biglobosa (African Locust Bean Tree) 
   Parkia speciosa (Pete) 
   Parkia timoriana 

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   Parkia (parkia) 
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Common Names: African Locust Bean Tree

81.  Ethnopharmacological survey and in vitro evaluation of wound-healing plants used in South-western Nigeria.LinkIT
Adetutu A, Morgan WA, Corcoran O
Journal of ethnopharmacology, 2011

82.  Procyanidin-rich fractions from Parkia biglobosa (Mimosaceae) leaves cause redox-sensitive endothelium-dependent relaxation involving NO and EDHF in porcine coronary artery.LinkIT
Tokoudagba JM, Auger C, Bréant L, N'Gom S, Chabert P, Idris-Khodja N, Gbaguidi F, Gbenou J, Moudachirou M, Lobstein A, Schini-Kerth VB
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83.  Identification, genetic diversity and cereulide producing ability of Bacillus cereus group strains isolated from Beninese traditional fermented food condiments.LinkIT
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84.  Genotypic diversity of lactic acid bacteria isolated from African traditional alkaline-fermented foods.LinkIT
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85.  Antioxidants from tropical herbs.LinkIT
Razab R, Abdul-Aziz A
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86.  Hemagglutinating activity of proteins from Parkia speciosa seeds.LinkIT
Chankhamjon K, Petsom A, Sawasdipuksa N, Sangvanich P
Pharmaceutical biology, 2010

87.  Comparative acute toxicities and immunomodulatory potentials of five Eastern Nigeria mistletoes.LinkIT
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88.  Ethnopharmacological survey of six medicinal plants from Mali, West-Africa.LinkIT
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89.  Seed size selection by olive baboons.LinkIT
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90.  Applications of differential scanning calorimetry in developing cryopreservation strategies for Parkia speciosa, a tropical tree producing recalcitrant seeds.LinkIT
Nadarajan J, Mansor M, Krishnapillay B, Staines HJ, Benson EE, Harding K
Cryo letters, 2008