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   Parkia biglobosa (African Locust Bean Tree) 
   Parkia speciosa (Petai) 
   Parkia timoriana 

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   Parkia (parkia) 
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Common Names: African Locust Bean Tree

11.  Nutrient composition of Parkia biglobosa pulp, raw and fermented seeds: a systematic review.LinkIT
Termote C, Odongo NO, Dreyer BS, Guissou B, Parkouda C, Vinceti B
Critical reviews in food science and nutrition, 2022

12.  Studies on chemical composition, rheological and antioxidant properties of pectin isolated from Riang (Parkia timoriana (DC.) Merr.) pod.LinkIT
Buathongjan C, Israkarn K, Sangwan W, Outrequin T, Gamonpilas C, Methacanon P
International journal of biological macromolecules, 2020

13.  Effects of convection-, vacuum-and freeze-drying on antioxidant, physicochemical properties, functional properties and storage stability of stink bean (Parkia speciosa) powder.LinkIT
How YK, Siow LF
Journal of food science and technology, 2020

14.  Plant and natural product based homemade remedies for veterinary uses by the Peul community in Benin.LinkIT
Dassou GH, Ouachinou JMS, Adomou AC, Yédomonhan H, Tossou M, Favi A, Djidohokpin D, Gbèdolo E, Akoègninou A
Journal of ethnopharmacology, 2020

15.  Fine-scale spatial genetic structure, mating, and gene dispersal patterns in Parkia biglobosa populations with different levels of habitat fragmentation.LinkIT
Lompo D, Vinceti B, Konrad H, Duminil J, Geburek T
American journal of botany, 2020

16.  Local Condiment, Iru, Obtained from the Fermentation of Parkia biglobosa Seed Substantially Reduced the Serum Cholesterol Level of Wister Rats.LinkIT
Atere AV, Adedeji A, Akinmoladun AC, Oyetayo VO, Akinyosoye FA
Preventive nutrition and food science, 2020

17.  Purification and partial characterization of a new lectin from Parkia panurensis Benth. ex H.C. Hopkins seeds (Leguminosae family; Mimosoideae subfamily) and evaluation of its biological effects.LinkIT
Cavada BS, Bari AU, Pinto-Junior VR, Lossio CF, Silva MTL, Souza LAG, Oliveira MV, Souza-Filho CHD, Correia SEG, Vital APMS, Lima LD, Osterne VJS, Nascimento KS
International journal of biological macromolecules, 2020

18.  Exploitation of ethnoecologically important wild trees by two ethnic groups in a community-based Hippopotamus Sanctuary in Northwestern Ghana.LinkIT
Naah JSN
Journal of environmental management, 2020

19.  Protein Isolate from Parkia biglobosa Seeds Improves Dyslipidaemia and Cardiac Oxidative Stress in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats.LinkIT
Ogunyinka BI, Oyinloye BE, Osunsanmi FO, Kolanisi U, Opoku AR, Kappo AP
Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland), 2019

20.  Vitamin E, Phospholipid, and Phytosterol Contents of Parkia biglobosa and Citrullus colocynthis Seeds and Their Potential Applications to Human Health.LinkIT
Olatunya AM, Omojola A, Akinpelu K, Akintayo ET
Preventive nutrition and food science, 2019