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151.  Host specificity of avian metapneumoviruses.LinkIT
Brown PA, Allée C, Courtillon C, Szerman N, Lemaitre E, Toquin D, Mangart JM, Amelot M, Eterradossi N
Avian pathology : journal of the W.V.P.A, 2019

152.  A 28-year study of human parainfluenza in Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil.LinkIT
Gregianini TS, Seadi CF, Zavarize Neto LD, Martins LG, Muller GC, Straliotto SM, Veiga ABGD
Journal of medical virology, 2019

153.  Comparison of Clinical Characteristics of Human Metapneumovirus and Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infections in Hospitalized Young Children.LinkIT
Taniguchi A, Kawada JI, Go K, Fujishiro N, Hosokawa Y, Maki Y, Sugiyama Y, Suzuki M, Tsuji T, Hoshino S, Muramatsu H, Kidokoro H, Kinoshita F, Hirakawa A, Takahashi Y, Sato Y, Natsume J,
Japanese journal of infectious diseases, 2019

154.  To assemble or not to assemble: The changing rules of pneumovirus transmission.LinkIT
Cifuentes-Muñoz N, Ellis Dutch R
Virus research, 2019

155.  Evaluation of Ultra-Microscopic Changes and Proliferation of Apoptotic Glioblastoma Multiforme Cells Induced by Velogenic Strain of Newcastle Disease Virus AF2240LinkIT
Ali- Saeed R, Alabsi AM, Ideris A, Omar AR, Yusoff K, Ali AM
Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP, 2019

156.  Diversity and Evolution of Viral Pathogen Community in Cave Nectar Bats (Eonycteris spelaea).LinkIT
Mendenhall IH, Wen DLH, Jayakumar J, Gunalan V, Wang L, Mauer-Stroh S, Su YCF, Smith GJD
Viruses, 2019

157.  Assembly and cryo-EM structures of RNA-specific measles virus nucleocapsids provide mechanistic insight into paramyxoviral replication.LinkIT
Desfosses A, Milles S, Jensen MR, Guseva S, Colletier JP, Maurin D, Schoehn G, Gutsche I, Ruigrok RWH, Blackledge M
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2019

158.  The switch between acute and persistent paramyxovirus infection caused by single amino acid substitutions in the RNA polymerase P subunit.LinkIT
Young DF, Wignall-Fleming EB, Busse DC, Pickin MJ, Hankinson J, Randall EM, Tavendale A, Davison AJ, Lamont D, Tregoning JS, Goodbourn S, Randall RE
PLoS pathogens, 2019

159.  Simultaneous outbreaks of respiratory disease in wild chimpanzees caused by distinct viruses of human origin.LinkIT
Negrey JD, Reddy RB, Scully EJ, Phillips-Garcia S, Owens LA, Langergraber KE, Mitani JC, Emery Thompson M, Wrangham RW, Muller MN, Otali E, Machanda Z, Hyeroba D, Grindle KA, Pappas TE, Palmenberg AC, Gern JE, Goldberg TL
Emerging microbes & infections, 2019

160.  Human Metapneumovirus: Laboratory Methods for Isolation, Propagation, and Plaque Titration.LinkIT
Bernal LJ, Velandia-Romero M, Guevara C, Castellanos JE
Intervirology, 2018