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111.  Molecular epidemiology of infectious bronchitis virus and avian metapneumovirus in Greece.LinkIT
Andreopoulou M, Franzo G, Tucciarone CM, Prentza Z, Koutoulis KC, Cecchinato M, Chaligianni I
Poultry science, 2019

112.  Broad spectrum antiviral remdesivir inhibits human endemic and zoonotic deltacoronaviruses with a highly divergent RNA dependent RNA polymerase.LinkIT
Brown AJ, Won JJ, Graham RL, Dinnon KH, Sims AC, Feng JY, Cihlar T, Denison MR, Baric RS, Sheahan TP
Antiviral research, 2019

113.  A Hydrophobic Target: Using the Paramyxovirus Fusion Protein Transmembrane Domain To Modulate Fusion Protein Stability.LinkIT
Barrett CT, Webb SR, Dutch RE
Journal of virology, 2019

114.  Effect of Geographic Isolation on the Nasal Virome of Indigenous Children.LinkIT
Altan E, Dib JC, Gulloso AR, Escribano Juandigua D, Deng X, Bruhn R, Hildebrand K, Freiden P, Yamamoto J, Schultz-Cherry S, Delwart E
Journal of virology, 2019

115.  Analysis of Paramyxovirus Transcription and Replication by High-Throughput Sequencing.LinkIT
Wignall-Fleming EB, Hughes DJ, Vattipally S, Modha S, Goodbourn S, Davison AJ, Randall RE
Journal of virology, 2019

116.  Evolution and Interspecies Transmission of Canine Distemper Virus-An Outlook of the Diverse Evolutionary Landscapes of a Multi-Host Virus.LinkIT
Duque-Valencia J, Sarute N, Olarte-Castillo XA, Ruíz-Sáenz J
Viruses, 2019

117.  Time series non-Gaussian Bayesian bivariate model applied to data on HMPV and RSV: a case of Dadaab in Kenya.LinkIT
Nyoka R, Achia TNO, Omony J, Musili SM, Gichangi A, Mwambi H
BMC public health, 2019

118.  A mini outbreak of human metapneumovirus infection with severe acute respiratory symptoms in a selected group of children presented to a teaching hospital in Sri Lanka.LinkIT
Noordeen F, Pitchai FNN, Kudagammana ST, Rafeek RAM
Virusdisease, 2019

119.  Navigating Research Toward the Re-emerging Nipah Virus- A New Piece to the Puzzle.LinkIT
Ramharack P, Devnarain N, Shunmugam L, Soliman MES
Current pharmaceutical design, 2019

120.  An Intensive Care Unit Outbreak of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome due to Human Metapneumo Virus Infection.LinkIT
Sinha A, Ponnusamy V, Gupta SS, Raheja H, Patti R, Soni P, Malhan N, Lin YS, Kupfer Y
Journal of investigative medicine high impact case reports, 2020