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1.  Hyperspora aquatica, n.sp. (Microsporidia), hyperparasitic in Marteilia cochillia (Paramyxida), is closely related to crustacean-infecting microspordian taxa.LinkIT
Stentiford GD, Ramilo A, Abollo E, Kerr R, Bateman KS, Feist SW, Bass D, Villalba A
Parasitology, 2017

2.  Elucidating the life cycle of Marteilia sydneyi, the aetiological agent of QX disease in the Sydney rock oyster (Saccostrea glomerata).LinkIT
Adlard RD, Nolan MJ
International journal for parasitology, 2015

3.  Microsporidian parasites feminise hosts without paramyxean co-infection: support for convergent evolution of parasitic feminisation.LinkIT
Ironside JE, Alexander J
International journal for parasitology, 2015

4.  New evidence for the involvement of Paracartia grani (Copepoda, Calanoida) in the life cycle of Marteilia refringens (Paramyxea).LinkIT
Boyer S, Chollet B, Bonnet D, Arzul I
International journal for parasitology, 2013

5.  A Marteilia-like parasite in blue mussels Mytilus edulis in China.LinkIT
Wang Z, Lu X, Liang Y, Zheng Z
Journal of aquatic animal health, 2012

6.  Delta de l'Ebre is a natural bay model for Marteilia spp. (Paramyxea) dynamics and life-cycle studies.LinkIT
Carrasco N, Arzul I, Berthe FC, Fernández-Tejedor M, Durfort M, Furones MD
Diseases of aquatic organisms, 2008

7.  In situ hybridization detection of initial infective stages of Marteilia refringens (Paramyxea) in its host Mytilus galloprovincialis.LinkIT
Carrasco N, Arzul I, Berthe FC, Furones MD
Journal of fish diseases, 2008

8.  Dynamics of the parasite Marteilia refringens (Paramyxea) in Mytilus galloprovincialis and zooplankton populations in Alfacs Bay (Catalonia, Spain).LinkIT
Carrasco N, López-Flores I, Alcaraz M, Furones MD, Berthe FC, Arzul I
Parasitology, 2007

9.  Presence of Marteilia sp. (Paramyxea) in the razor clam Solen marginatus (Pennántt, 1777) in Galicia (NW Spain).LinkIT
López C, Darriba S
Journal of invertebrate pathology, 2006

10.  Early developmental stages of a protozoan parasite, Marteilioides chungmuensis (Paramyxea), the causative agent of the ovary enlargement disease in the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas.LinkIT
Itoh N, Komiyama H, Ueki N, Ogawa K
International journal for parasitology, 2004