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1.  Ultrastructure of Allapsa vibrans and the body plan of Glissomonadida (Cercozoa).LinkIT
Cavalier-Smith T, Oates B
Protist, 2012

2.  Helkesimastix marina n. sp. (Cercozoa: Sainouroidea superfam. n.) a gliding zooflagellate of novel ultrastructure and unusual ciliary behaviour.LinkIT
Cavalier-Smith T, Lewis R, Chao EE, Oates B, Bass D
Protist, 2009

3.  Phylogeny, taxonomy, and astounding genetic diversity of glissomonadida ord. nov., the dominant gliding zooflagellates in soil (Protozoa: Cercozoa).LinkIT
Howe AT, Bass D, Vickerman K, Chao EE, Cavalier-Smith T
Protist, 2009