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Common Names: oxymonads

11.  Dominant ectosymbiotic bacteria of cellulolytic protists in the termite gut also have the potential to digest lignocellulose.LinkIT
Yuki M, Kuwahara H, Shintani M, Izawa K, Sato T, Starns D, Hongoh Y, Ohkuma M
Environmental microbiology, 2015

12.  Colonization of termite hindgut walls by oxymonad flagellates and prokaryotes in Incisitermes tabogae, I. marginipennis and Reticulitermes flavipes.LinkIT
Tamschick S, Radek R
European journal of protistology, 2013

13.  Oxymonad and Spirotrichonympha: two anaerobic flagellated protozoa on sputum smears related to asthma.LinkIT
Martínez-Girón R
Diagnostic cytopathology, 2011

14.  Surface morphology of Saccinobaculus (Oxymonadida): implications for character evolution and function in oxymonads.LinkIT
Carpenter KJ, Waller RF, Keeling PJ
Protist, 2008

15.  The candidate phylum 'Termite Group 1' of bacteria: phylogenetic diversity, distribution, and endosymbiont members of various gut flagellated protists.LinkIT
Ohkuma M, Sato T, Noda S, Ui S, Kudo T, Hongoh Y
FEMS microbiology ecology, 2007

16.  [Diversity and function of symbiotic microbes in the gut of lower termites].LinkIT
Yang H, Peng JX, Liu KY, Hong HZ
Wei sheng wu xue bao = Acta microbiologica Sinica, 2006

17.  Identification and characterization of ectosymbionts of distinct lineages in Bacteroidales attached to flagellated protists in the gut of termites and a wood-feeding cockroach.LinkIT
Noda S, Inoue T, Hongoh Y, Kawai M, Nalepa CA, Vongkaluang C, Kudo T, Ohkuma M
Environmental microbiology, 2006

18.  "Endomicrobia": cytoplasmic symbionts of termite gut protozoa form a separate phylum of prokaryotes.LinkIT
Stingl U, Radek R, Yang H, Brune A
Applied and environmental microbiology, 2005

19.  [Influence of Professor Konstanty Janicki's discoveries on progress in protistology].LinkIT
Kazubski SL
Wiadomosci parazytologiczne, 2005

20.  On a new species of oxymonas from the intestinal contents of the Brazilian termite Neotermes hirtellus (Silvestri).LinkIT
Anais do Instituto de Medicina Tropical, 1953