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   Buphthalmum (Ox Eye) 

   Dolichos urens 
   Mucuna sloanei (horseeye bean) 
   Mucuna urens (Pica Pica) 
   Stizolobium urens 

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   Ox-eye herring 
   Ox-eye oreo 
   Ox-eye scad 
   ox-eye daisy 
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Buphthalmum salicifolium

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1.  In Vitro Element Bioavailability Studies of Some Underutilized Seeds in Southeast Nigeria.LinkIT
Ajala LO, Okafor MC, Ndukwe MK, Okoro OE, Ogundele GJ, Ogundele RB
Biological trace element research, 2021

2.  Host Range and Impact of Dichrorampha aeratana, the First Potential Biological Control Agent for Leucanthemum vulgare in North America and Australia.LinkIT
Stutz S, De Clerck-Floate R, Hinz HL, McClay A, McConnachie AJ, Schaffner U
Insects, 2021

3.  [Analysis of serum allergen-specific IgE in children with respiratory allergic disease in Guangdong].LinkIT
Liao CX, Huang DM, Hu HS, Luo WT, Wu LT, Zhu HQ, Sun BQ
Zhonghua yu fang yi xue za zhi [Chinese journal of preventive medicine], 2021

4.  Ecological restoration of habitats invaded by Leucanthemum vulgare that alters key ecosystem functions.LinkIT
Khan MA, Hussain K, Shah MA
PloS one, 2021

5.  Plant invasion alters the physico-chemical dynamics of soil system: insights from invasive Leucanthemum vulgare in the Indian Himalaya.LinkIT
Ahmad R, Khuroo AA, Hamid M, Rashid I
Environmental monitoring and assessment, 2020

6.  'At the crossroads towards polyploidy': genomic divergence and extent of homoploid hybridization are drivers for the formation of the ox-eye daisy polyploid complex (Leucanthemum, Compositae-Anthemideae).LinkIT
Wagner F, Ott T, Zimmer C, Reichhart V, Vogt R, Oberprieler C
The New phytologist, 2019

7.  Global distribution modelling, invasion risk assessment and niche dynamics of Leucanthemum vulgare (Ox-eye Daisy) under climate change.LinkIT
Ahmad R, Khuroo AA, Charles B, Hamid M, Rashid I, Aravind NA
Scientific reports, 2019

8.  Relationships of Salinity, Relative Humidity, Mud Flat Fiddler Crabs, Ants, and Sea Ox-Eye Daisy With Ixodid Distribution and Egg Survival on the South Texas Coastal Plains.LinkIT
Showler AT, Osbrink WLA, Abrigo V, Phillips PL
Environmental entomology, 2019

9.  "Fix Me Another Marguerite!": Species delimitation in a group of intensively hybridizing lineages of ox-eye daisies (Leucanthemum Mill., Compositae-Anthemideae).LinkIT
Wagner F, Härtl S, Vogt R, Oberprieler C
Molecular ecology, 2017

10.  Properties of Cadmium-(bis)dodecylthiolate and Polymeric Composites Based on It.LinkIT
Agareva N, Smirnov AA, Afanasiev A, Sologubov S, Markin A, Salomatina E, Smirnova L, Bityurin N
Materials (Basel, Switzerland), 2015