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   Ophidium macronatum 
   Ophidium mucronatum 

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1.  Biometric Identification of Taxodium spp. and Their Hybrid Progenies by Electrochemical Fingerprints.LinkIT
Zheng Y, Wang D, Li X, Wang Z, Zhou Q, Fu L, Yin Y, Creech D
Biosensors, 2021

2.  Wild Halophytic Phragmites karka Biomass Saccharification by Bacterial Enzyme Cocktail.LinkIT
Ansari I, Ejaz U, Abideen Z, Gulzar S, Syed MN, Liu J, Li W, Fu P, Sohail M
Frontiers in microbiology, 2021

3.  Enhanced Aryltetralin Lignans Production in Linum Adventi-Tious Root Cultures.LinkIT
Alfieri M, Mascheretti I, Dougué Kentsop RA, Consonni R, Locatelli F, Mattana M, Ottolina G
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

4.  The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Taxodium ascendens?×?T. mucronatum hybrid (Cupressaceae).LinkIT
Zhang F, Xuan L, Zhou Y, Yin Y, Lu X
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2021

5.  Identification and Functional Analysis of ThADH1 and ThADH4 Genes Involved in Tolerance to Waterlogging Stress in Taxodium hybrid 'Zhongshanshan 406'.LinkIT
Xuan L, Hua J, Zhang F, Wang Z, Pei X, Yang Y, Yin Y, Creech DL
Genes, 2021

6.  Cross-transferability of SSR markers developed in Rhododendron species of Himalaya.LinkIT
Sharma H, Bhandawat A, Rawat S
Molecular biology reports, 2020

7.  Comparative assessment of heavy metal accumulation and bio-indication in coastal dune halophytes.LinkIT
Mujeeb A, Aziz I, Ahmed MZ, Alvi SK, Shafiq S
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 2020

8.  Development of polymorphic EST-SSR markers and their applicability in genetic diversity evaluation in Rhododendron arboreum.LinkIT
Sharma H, Kumar P, Singh A, Aggarwal K, Roy J, Sharma V, Rawat S
Molecular biology reports, 2020

9.  Comparative chloroplast genomics of the genus Taxodium.LinkIT
Duan H, Guo J, Xuan L, Wang Z, Li M, Yin Y, Yang Y
BMC genomics, 2020

10.  Caenorhabditis elegans revisited by atomic force microscopy - Ultra-structural changes of the cuticle, but not in the intestine after treatment with Combretum mucronatum extract.LinkIT
Herrmann FC, Spiegler V
Journal of structural biology, 2019