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   Ophidium barbatum acutirostre 
   Ophidium barbatum obtusirostre 

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1.  Chemical components of Aconitum barbatum var. puberulum and their cytotoxic and antibacterial activities.LinkIT
Ablajan N, Zhao B, Wenjuan X, Zhao J, Sagdullaev SS, Guoan Z, Aisa HA
Natural product research, 2021

2.  Integrative species delimitation based on COI, ITS, and morphological evidence illustrates a unique evolutionary history of the genus Paracercion (Odonata: Coenagrionidae).LinkIT
Zhang H, Ning X, Yu X, Bu WJ
PeerJ, 2021

3.  Intraspecific convergence of floral size correlates with pollinator size on different mountains: a case study of a bumblebee-pollinated Lamium (Lamiaceae) flowers in Japan.LinkIT
Toji T, Ishimoto N, Egawa S, Nakase Y, Hattori M, Itino T
BMC ecology and evolution, 2021

4.  Evaluation of a sesquiterpene as possible drug lead against gelatinases via molecular dynamics simulations.LinkIT
Jamal S, Ahmed A, Moin ST
Journal of biomolecular structure & dynamics, 2021

5.  Root Nodule Rhizobia From Undomesticated Shrubs of the Dry Woodlands of Southern Africa Can Nodulate Angolan Teak Pterocarpus angolensis, an Important Source of Timber.LinkIT
Bünger W, Sarkar A, Grönemeyer JL, Zielinski J, Revermann R, Hurek T, Reinhold-Hurek B
Frontiers in microbiology, 2021

6.  Diterpenoid alkaloids from Aconitum barbatum var. puberulum Ledeb.LinkIT
Ablajan N, Zhao B, Zhao JY, Wang BL, Sagdullaev SS, Aisa HA
Phytochemistry, 2021

7.  Redescription of Flexophora ophidii Prost & Euzet, 1962 (Monogenea: Diclidophoridae) from Ophidion barbatum (Ophidiidae) off the Algerian coast, Mediterranean Sea.LinkIT
Bouguerche C, Justine JL, Tazerouti F
Systematic parasitology, 2020

8.  Unrevealing the Karyotypic Evolution and Cytotaxonomy of Armored Catfishes (Loricariinae) with Emphasis in Sturisoma, Loricariichthys, Loricaria, Proloricaria, Pyxiloricaria, and Rineloricaria.LinkIT
Takagui FH, Baumgärtner L, Venturelli NB, Paiz LM, Viana P, Dionísio JF, Pompeo LRS, Margarido VP, Fenocchio AS, da Rosa R, Giuliano-Caetano L
Zebrafish, 2020

9.  Profiling of Volatile Organic Compounds in Wild Indigenous Medicinal Ginger (Zingiber barbatum Wall.) from Myanmar.LinkIT
Shukurova MK, Asikin Y, Chen Y, Kusano M, Watanabe KN
Metabolites, 2020

10.  Chemical Composition and Preliminary Antimicrobial Activity of the Hydroxylated Sesquiterpenes in the Essential Oil from Piper barbatum Kunth Leaves.LinkIT
Noriega P, Ballesteros J, De la Cruz A, Veloz T
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 2020