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   Ophidium atropurpureum 
   Ophidium atropurpureus 
   Xiphister atropurpureus (black prickleback) 

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1.  The large mimosoid genus Inga Mill. (tribe Ingeae, Caesalpinioideae) is nodulated by diverse Bradyrhizobium strains in its main centers of diversity in Brazil.LinkIT
Rhem MFK, Silva VC, Dos Santos JMF, Zilli JÉ, James EK, Fragomeni Simon M, Gross E
Systematic and applied microbiology, 2021

2.  A Tail of Four Fishes: An Analysis of Kinematics and Material Properties of Elongate Fishes.LinkIT
Naughton LF, Kruppert S, Jackson B, Porter ME, Donatelli CM
Integrative and comparative biology, 2021

3.  Rhizobia and endophytic bacteria isolated from rainforest fragments within an iron ore mining site of the Eastern Brazilian Amazon.LinkIT
Rodríguez-Rodríguez RM, Guimarães AA, de Castro JL, Siqueira JO, Carneiro MAC, de Souza Moreira FM
Brazilian journal of microbiology : [publication of the Brazilian Society for Microbiology], 2021

4.  Nutraceutical Study on Maianthemum atropurpureum, a Wild Medicinal Food Plant in Northwest Yunnan, China.LinkIT
Xu L, Wang Y, Ji Y, Li P, Cao W, Wu S, Kennelly E, Long C
Frontiers in pharmacology, 2021

5.  Primary ovarian angiosarcoma: a rare and recognizable ovarian tumor.LinkIT
Ye H, Lin M, Li R, Qin S, Hou G, Chen H, Li X
Journal of ovarian research, 2021

6.  Larvicidal activity of plants from Myrtaceae against Aedes aegypti L. and Simulium pertinax Kollar (Diptera).LinkIT
Carneiro VCS, Lucena LB, Figueiró R, Victório CP
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical, 2020

7.  Xerocomellus (Boletaceae) in western North America.LinkIT
Frank JL, Siegel N, Schwarz CF, Araki B, Vellinga EC
Fungal systematics and evolution, 2020

8.  Structure of the unusual Sinorhizobium fredii HH103 lipopolysaccharide and its role in symbiosis.LinkIT
Di Lorenzo F, Speciale I, Silipo A, Alías-Villegas C, Acosta-Jurado S, Rodríguez-Carvajal MÁ, Dardanelli MS, Palmigiano A, Garozzo D, Ruiz-Sainz JE, Molinaro A, Vinardell JM
The Journal of biological chemistry, 2020

9.  A Minimal Genetic Passkey to Unlock Many Legume Doors to Root Nodulation by Rhizobia.LinkIT
Unay J, Perret X
Genes, 2020

10.  Deletion of rRNA Operons of Sinorhizobium fredii Strain NGR234 and Impact on Symbiosis With Legumes.LinkIT
Cherni AE, Perret X
Frontiers in microbiology, 2019