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Common Names: Oomycete fungi

1.  Bolbea parasiticagen. et sp. nov., a cultivable holocarpic parasitoid of the early-diverging Saprolegniomycetes.LinkIT
Buaya AT, Thines M
Fungal systematics and evolution, 2020

2.  Phytophthora palmivora-Cocoa Interaction.LinkIT
Perrine-Walker F
Journal of fungi (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

3.  Resistance to Potassium Phosphite in Phytophthora Species Causing Citrus Brown Rot and Integrated Practices for Management of Resistant Isolates.LinkIT
Hao W, Forster H, Adaskaveg J
Plant disease, 2020

4.  Periplasma, gen. nov., a new oomycete lineage with isogamous sexual reproduction.LinkIT
Martin WW, Warren A
Mycologia, 2020

5.  New discoveries and applications of mosquito fungal pathogens.LinkIT
Shen D, Nyawira KT, Xia A
Current opinion in insect science, 2020

6.  Fungi, bacteria and oomycota opportunistically isolated from the seagrass, Zostera marina.LinkIT
Ettinger CL, Eisen JA
PloS one, 2020

7.  Plasmopara elegantissima sp. nov. (Oomycota, Peronosporales), a Downy Mildew Species Specialized to Impatiens textori (Balsaminaceae).LinkIT
Choi YJ, Görg M, Shin HD, Thines M
Mycobiology, 2020

8.  Unambiguous identification of fungi: where do we stand and how accurate and precise is fungal DNA barcoding?LinkIT
Lücking R, Aime MC, Robbertse B, Miller AN, Ariyawansa HA, Aoki T, Cardinali G, Crous PW, Druzhinina IS, Geiser DM, Hawksworth DL, Hyde KD, Irinyi L, Jeewon R, Johnston PR, Kirk PM, Malosso E, May TW, Meyer W, Öpik M, Robert V, Stadler M, Thines M, Vu D, Yurkov AM, Zhang N, Schoch CL
IMA fungus, 2020

9.  Fungal clones win the battle, but recombination wins the war.LinkIT
Drenth A, McTaggart AR, Wingfield BD
IMA fungus, 2019

10.  A glimpse into the biogeography, seasonality, and ecological functions of arctic marine Oomycota.LinkIT
Hassett BT, Thines M, Buaya A, Ploch S, Gradinger R
IMA fungus, 2019