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   Oncidium (dancing-lady orchid) 

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1.  Phytochemical profiling of bioactive compounds, anti-inflammatory and analgesic potentials of Habenaria digitata Lindl.: Molecular docking based synergistic effect of the identified compounds.LinkIT
Mahnashi MH, Alyami BA, Alqahtani YS, Jan MS, Rashid U, Sadiq A
Journal of ethnopharmacology, 2021

2.  Temporal turnover in mycorrhizal interactions: a proof of concept with orchids.LinkIT
Ventre Lespiaucq A, Jacquemyn H, Rasmussen HN, Méndez M
The New phytologist, 2021

3.  Anatomy and ultrastructure floral osmophores of Catasetum fimbriatum (Orchidaceae).LinkIT
Reposi SD, Gotelli MM, Torretta JP
Protoplasma, 2021

4.  Floral glands in myophilous and sapromyophilous species of Pleurothallidinae (Epidendroideae, Orchidaceae)-osmophores, nectaries, and a unique sticky gland.LinkIT
Arévalo-Rodrigues G, de Barros F, Davis AR, Cardoso-Gustavson P
Protoplasma, 2021

5.  Mycorrhizal Communities and Isotope Signatures in Two Partially Mycoheterotrophic Orchids.LinkIT
Jacquemyn H, Brys R, Waud M, Evans A, Figura T, Selosse MA
Frontiers in plant science, 2021

6.  Chloroplast Genomes of Two Species of Cypripedium: Expanded Genome Size and Proliferation of AT-Biased Repeat Sequences.LinkIT
Guo YY, Yang JX, Li HK, Zhao HS
Frontiers in plant science, 2021

7.  The complete chloroplast genome of an endangered species Apostasia ramifera (Orchidaceae).LinkIT
Zheng F, Chen JB, Liu WR, Wang M
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2021

8.  Synopsis of Ecuadorian Pterichis (Orchidaceae).LinkIT
Kolanowska M, Szlachetko DL, Nowak S
PeerJ, 2021

9.  [Comparison of active ingredients and protective effects of Dendrobium huoshanense of different growth years on acute liver injury].LinkIT
Li ZQ, Zhou HQ, Ouyang Z, Dai J, Yue Q, Wei Y, Han BX
Zhongguo Zhong yao za zhi = Zhongguo zhongyao zazhi = China journal of Chinese materia medica, 2021

10.  [Formation history of Dao-di herbs in Dabie Mountains].LinkIT
Peng HS, Chu SS, Cheng ME
Zhongguo Zhong yao za zhi = Zhongguo zhongyao zazhi = China journal of Chinese materia medica, 2021