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   Oncidium carthaginense (Coot Bay dancing-lady orchid) 

Broader Terms:
   Oncidium (dancing-lady orchid) 

More Specific:
   Oncidium carthaginense andreanum 
   Oncidium carthaginense klotzschii 
   Oncidium carthaginense oerstedii 
   Oncidium carthaginense sanguineum 
   Oncidium carthaginense swartzii 

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Common Names: Coot Bay dancing-lady orchid

1.  Biochemical and transcriptomic analyses of the symbiotic interaction between Cremastra appendiculata and the mycorrhizal fungus Coprinellus disseminatus.LinkIT
Gao Y, Ji J, Zhang Y, Yang N, Zhang M
BMC plant biology, 2022

2.  Hyaloscypha gabretae and Hyaloscypha gryndleri spp. nov. (Hyaloscyphaceae, Helotiales), two new mycobionts colonizing conifer, ericaceous and orchid roots.LinkIT
Vohník M, Figura T, Réblová M
Mycorrhiza, 2022

3.  Phytochemical Analysis and Dermo-Cosmetic Evaluation of Cymbidium sp. (Orchidaceae) Cultivation By-Products.LinkIT
Axiotis E, Angelis A, Antoniadi L, Petrakis EA, Skaltsounis LA
Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

4.  Simultaneous Determination of Ferulic Acid and Vanillin in Vanilla Extracts Using Voltammetric Sensor Based on Electropolymerized Bromocresol Purple.LinkIT
Ziyatdinova G, Zhupanova A, Davletshin R
Sensors (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

5.  Cytological, Biochemical, and Transcriptomic Analyses of a Novel Yellow Leaf Variation in a Paphiopedilum (Orchidaceae) SCBG COP15.LinkIT
Li J, Wu K, Li L, Wang M, Fang L, Zeng S
Genes, 2021

6.  ?Comparative chromosome studies in species of subtribe Orchidinae (Orchidaceae).LinkIT
Turco A, Albano A, Medagli P, Wagensommer RP, D'Emerico S
Comparative cytogenetics, 2021

7.  Orchids of Azerbaijani Cemeteries.LinkIT
Molnár V A, Löki V, Verbeeck M, Süveges K
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

8.  Dihydrophenanthrenes from a Sicilian Accession of Himantoglossum robertianum (Loisel.) P. Delforge Showed Antioxidant, Antimicrobial, and Antiproliferative Activities.LinkIT
Badalamenti N, Russi S, Bruno M, Maresca V, Vaglica A, Ilardi V, Zanfardino A, Di Napoli M, Varcamonti M, Cianciullo P, Calice G, Laurino S, Falco G, Basile A
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9.  Transcriptome atlas of Phalaenopsis equestris.LinkIT
Klepikova AV, Kasianov AS, Ezhova MA, Penin AA, Logacheva MD
PeerJ, 2021

10.  The mycorrhizal fungi of Cymbidium promote the growth of Dendrobiumofficinale by increasing environmental stress tolerance.LinkIT
Li Y, Kang Z, Zhang X, Sun P, Jiang X, Han Z
PeerJ, 2021