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   Neoopisthopterus tropicus (tropical longfin herring) 
   Odontognathus tropicus 

Broader Terms:
   Clupeiformes (herrings) 

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Common Names: Tropisk finnesild, tropical longfin herring, Sardina tropical, Sledice tropická, 東太平洋新後鰭魚, Menhaden plat, Pelada, Arenquilla tropical, 东太平洋新后鳍鱼, Sardineta pelada, Sardina chata, Poisson-papier tropical, Sardinela pelada

61.  Ancylocoelium typicum Nicoll, 1912 (Digenea: Monorchiidae), a poorly known parasite of Trachurus spp. (Teleostei: Carangidae) from the western Mediterranean and north-eastern Atlantic, and observations on its taxonomic position.LinkIT
Bartoli P, Bray RA
Systematic parasitology, 2004

62.  [Carbohydrate metabolism of the Saccharolytic alkaliphilic anaerobes Halonatronum saccharophilum, Amphibacillus fermentum, and Amphibacillus tropicus].LinkIT
Garnova ES, Krasil'nikova EN
Mikrobiologiia, 2004

63.  Cystoopsis atractostei n. sp. (Nematoda: Cystoopsidae) from the subcutaneous tissue of the tropical gar, Atractosteus tropicus (Pisces), in Mexico.LinkIT
Moravec F, Salgado-Maldonado G
The Journal of parasitology, 2003

64.  Larval trematode infections in freshwater snails from the highveld and lowveld areas of Zimbabwe.LinkIT
Chingwena G, Mukaratirwa S, Kristensen TK, Chimbari M
Journal of helminthology, 2002

65.  Redescription of Perezitrema bychowskyi (Caballero & Caballero, 1975) (Trematoda: Macroderoididae), with remarks on the systematic status of Perezitrema Barus & Moravec, 1996.LinkIT
Moravec F, Salgado-Maldonado G
Systematic parasitology, 2002

66.  Susceptibility of freshwater snails to the amphistome Calicophoron microbothrium and the influence of the species on susceptibility of Bulinus tropicus to Schistosoma haematobium and Schistosoma mattheei infections.LinkIT
Chingwena G, Mukaratirwa S, Kristensen TK, Chimberi M
The Journal of parasitology, 2002

67.  [Amphibacillus fermentum sp. nov., Amphibacillus tropicus sp. nov.--new alkaliphilic, facultatively anaerobic, saccharolytic Bacilli from Lake Magadi].LinkIT
Zhilina TN, Garnova ES, Turova TP, Kostrikina NA, Zavarzin GA
Mikrobiologiia, 2002

68.  Bulinus nyassanus is an intermediate host for Schistosoma haematobium in Lake Malawi.LinkIT
Madsen H, Bloch P, Phiri H, Kristensen TK, Furu P
Annals of tropical medicine and parasitology, 2001

69.  Morphology and life history of Petasiger variospinosus (trematoda: echinostomatidae) in the Free State, South Africa.LinkIT
King PH, Van As JG
The Journal of parasitology, 2000

70.  Molecular identification of Photorhabdus luminescens strains by amplification of specific fragments of the 16S ribosomal DNA.LinkIT
Ehlers RU, Niemann I
Systematic and applied microbiology, 1998