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   Nodulisporium acervatum 
   Nodulisporium affine 
   Nodulisporium africanum 
   Nodulisporium album 
   Nodulisporium argilaceum 
   Nodulisporium argillaceum 
   Nodulisporium atroviride 
   Nodulisporium cecidiogenes 
   Nodulisporium cinereovirens 
   Nodulisporium cinnamomeum 
   Nodulisporium compactum 
   Nodulisporium corticioides 
   Nodulisporium cylindroconium 
   Nodulisporium didymosporum 
   Nodulisporium ellisii 
   Nodulisporium episphaericum 
   Nodulisporium fulvum 
   Nodulisporium geochroum 
   Nodulisporium granulosum 
   Nodulisporium gregarium 
   Nodulisporium griseobrunneum 
   Nodulisporium griseobrunni 
   Nodulisporium griseofuscum 
   Nodulisporium hepaticum 
   Nodulisporium heterochromum 
   Nodulisporium hinnuleum 
   Nodulisporium honiaraense 
   Nodulisporium hyalosporum 
   Nodulisporium indicum 
   Nodulisporium lignicola 
   Nodulisporium longiproliferatum 
   Nodulisporium melonis 
   Nodulisporium ocheraceum 
   Nodulisporium ochraceum 
   Nodulisporium olivascens 
   Nodulisporium ornatum 
   Nodulisporium polysporum 
   Nodulisporium puniceum 
   Nodulisporium radians 
   Nodulisporium scopiforme 
   Nodulisporium sphaerosporum 
   Nodulisporium sylviforme 
   Nodulisporium tabacinum 
   Nodulisporium thelenum 
   Nodulisporium tuberum 
   Nodulisporium umbrinum 
   Nodulisporium velutina 
   Nodulisporium velutinum 
   Nodulisporium verrucosum 
   Nodulisporium verticillioides 
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1.  Identification of Rosellinia species as producers of cyclodepsipeptide PF1022 A and resurrection of the genus Dematophora as inferred from polythetic taxonomy.LinkIT
Wittstein K, Cordsmeier A, Lambert C, Wendt L, Sir EB, Weber J, Wurzler N, Petrini LE, Stadler M
Studies in mycology, 2020

2.  Endolichenic fungal diversity associated with some lichens of the Western Ghats.LinkIT
Rajulu MBG, Thirunavukkarasu N, Kumar SS, Kaur T, Reddy MS, Suryanarayanan TS
Planta medica, 2019

3.  Observations on Texas hypoxylons, including two new Hypoxylon species and widespread environmental isolates of the H. croceum complex identified by a polyphasic approach.LinkIT
Sir EB, Becker K, Lambert C, Bills GF, Kuhnert E
Mycologia, 2020

4.  New Alkylitaconic Acid Derivatives from Nodulisporium sp. A21 and Their Auxin Herbicidal Activities on Weed Seeds.LinkIT
Cao L, Yan W, Gu C, Wang Z, Zhao S, Kang S, Khan B, Zhu H, Li J, Ye Y
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2019

5.  Antimicrobial and iNOS inhibitory activities of the endophytic fungi isolated from the mangrove plant Acanthus ilicifolius var. xiamenensis.LinkIT
Chi WC, Pang KL, Chen WL, Wang GJ, Lee TH
Botanical studies, 2019

6.  Volatile organic compounds from Hypoxylon anthochroum endophytic strains as postharvest mycofumigation alternative for cherry tomatoes.LinkIT
Macías-Rubalcava ML, Sánchez-Fernández RE, Roque-Flores G, Lappe-Oliveras P, Medina-Romero YM
Food microbiology, 2018

7.  Heterologous Biosynthesis of Nodulisporic Acid F.LinkIT
Van de Bittner KC, Nicholson MJ, Bustamante LY, Kessans SA, Ram A, van Dolleweerd CJ, Scott B, Parker EJ
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2018

8.  Draft Genome Sequence of the Filamentous Fungus Hypoxylon pulicicidum ATCC 74245.LinkIT
Nicholson MJ, Van de Bittner KC, Ram A, Bustamante LY, Scott B, Parker EJ
Genome announcements, 2018

9.  Endophytic fungal production rates of volatile organic compounds are highest under microaerophilic conditions.LinkIT
Schoen HR, Knighton WB, Peyton BM
Microbiology (Reading, England), 2017

10.  Development of a versatile and conventional technique for gene disruption in filamentous fungi based on CRISPR-Cas9 technology.LinkIT
Zheng YM, Lin FL, Gao H, Zou G, Zhang JW, Wang GQ, Chen GD, Zhou ZH, Yao XS, Hu D
Scientific reports, 2017