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   Anodontostoma chacunda (Nir) 

   Anodontasoma chacunda 
   Anodontostoma chacunda (Chacunda gizzard-shad) 
   Anodontostoma chacundo 
   Anodontostoma thailandiae (Thai gizzard shad) 
   Clupanodon chacunda 
   Odontognathus compressus (Sardina) 

Broader Terms:
   Clupeiformes (herrings) 

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Did you mean: Neireis, Niraeus, Nireus, Nirus, NirŠus or nira?

1.  Lanthanide-Doped Near-Infrared Nanoparticles for Biophotonics.LinkIT
Li H, Wang X, Ohulchanskyy TY, Chen G
Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.), 2020

2.  Near-infrared-II thermally activated delayed fluorescence organic light-emitting diodes.LinkIT
Liang Q, Xu J, Xue J, Qiao J
Chemical communications (Cambridge, England), 2020

3.  Cancer cell membrane-coated gold nanorods for photothermal therapy and radiotherapy on oral squamous cancer.LinkIT
Sun Q, Wu J, Jin L, Hong L, Wang F, Mao Z, Wu M
Journal of materials chemistry. B, 2020

4.  NIR Sensitizer Operating under Long Wavelength (1064┬ánm) for Free Radical Photopolymerization Processes.LinkIT
Mokbel H, Graff B, Dumur F, Lalev├ęe J
Macromolecular rapid communications, 2020

5.  Rapid and Robust On-Scene Detection of Cocaine in Street Samples using a Handheld Near Infrared Spectrometer and Machine Learning Algorithms.LinkIT
Kranenburg RF, Verduin J, Weesepoel Y, Alewijn M, Heerschop M, Koomen G, Keizers P, Bakker F, Wallace F, van Esch A, Hulsbergen A, van Asten AC
Drug testing and analysis, 2020

6.  CMOS compatible novel integration solution for broad range tunable photodetection using phase-change material based heterostructures.LinkIT
Srivastava V, Mishra P, Sunny
Scientific reports, 2020

7.  AIEgen-coupled upconversion nanoparticles eradicate solid tumors through dual-mode ROS activation.LinkIT
Mao D, Hu F, Yi Z, Kenry K, Xu S, Yan S, Luo Z, Wu W, Wang Z, Kong D, Liu X, Liu B
Science advances, 2020

8.  A Gold Nanoparticle Bouquet held on plasma membrane: An ultrasensitive dark-field imaging approach for Cancer Cell Analysis.LinkIT
Cao Y, Wang J, Jiang QY, Hu L, Yu YJ, Yu YF, Chen F
Nanotheranostics, 2020

9.  Solution Processing and Self-Organization of PbS Quantum Dots Passivated with Formamidinium Lead Iodide (FAPbI3).LinkIT
Aynehband S, Mohammadi M, Thorwarth K, Hany R, N├╝esch FA, Rossell MD, Pauer R, Nunzi JM, Simchi A
ACS omega, 2020

10.  Effect of Short PEG on Near-Infrared BODIPY-Based Activatable Optical Probes.LinkIT
Inagaki FF, Fujimura D, Ansteatt S, Okada R, Furusawa A, Choyke PL, Ptaszek M, Kobayashi H
ACS omega, 2020