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1.  Early Pliocene anuran fossils from Kanapoi, Kenya, and the first fossil record for the African burrowing frog Hemisus (Neobatrachia: Hemisotidae).LinkIT
Delfino M
Journal of human evolution, 2020

2.  Gene Expression Program Underlying Tail Resorption During Thyroid Hormone-Dependent Metamorphosis of the Ornamented Pygmy Frog Microhyla fissipes.LinkIT
Wang S, Liu L, Liu J, Zhu W, Tanizaki Y, Fu L, Bao L, Shi YB, Jiang J
Frontiers in endocrinology, 2019

3.  Indopolystoma n. gen. (Monogenea, Polystomatidae) with the description of three new species and reassignment of eight known Polystoma species from Asian frogs (Anura, Rhacophoridae).LinkIT
Chaabane A, Verneau O, Du Preez L
Parasite (Paris, France), 2019

4.  Mitochondrial genomes of the South American frogs Eupsophus vertebralis and E. emiliopugini (Neobatrachia: Alsodidae) and their phylogenetic relationships.LinkIT
Suárez-Villota EY, Quercia CA, Nuñez JJ
Journal of genomics, 2018

5.  De novo transcriptome assembly for the lung of the ornamented pygmy frog (Microhyla fissipes).LinkIT
Liu L, Wang S, Zhao L, Jiang J
Genomics data, 2017

6.  Concentrated evolutionary novelties in the foot musculature of Odontophrynidae (Anura: Neobatrachia), with comments on adaptations for burrowing.LinkIT
Blotto BL, Pereyra MO, Faivovich J, Dias PHDS, Grant T
Zootaxa, 2017

7.  Transcriptome profiles of metamorphosis in the ornamented pygmy frog Microhyla fissipes clarify the functions of thyroid hormone receptors in metamorphosis.LinkIT
Zhao L, Liu L, Wang S, Wang H, Jiang J
Scientific reports, 2016

8.  Independent Evolution of Suction Feeding in Neobatrachia: Feeding Mechanisms in Two Species of Telmatobius (Anura:Telmatobiidae).LinkIT
Barrionuevo JS
Anatomical record (Hoboken, N.J. : 2007), 2016

9.  Postcranial osteogenesis of the helmeted water toad Calyptocephalella gayi (Neobatrachia: Calyptocephalellidae) with comments on the osteology of australobatrachians.LinkIT
Muzzopappa P, Pugener LA, Báez AM
Journal of morphology, 2016

10.  The Gondwana Breakup and the History of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans Unveils Two New Clades for Early Neobatrachian Diversification.LinkIT
Frazão A, da Silva HR, Russo CA
PloS one, 2015