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   Actinotrichia fragilis 
   Actinotrichia robusta 
   Cumagloia andersonii 
   Cylindraxis rotundatus 
   Dermonema abbottiae 
   Dermonema divaricatum 
   Dermonema frappierii 
   Dermonema pulvinatum 
   Dermonema virens 
   Dotyophycus abbottiae 
   Dotyophycus corymbosus 
   Dotyophycus pacificum 
   Dotyophycus yamadae 
   Galaxaura apiculata 
   Galaxaura articulata 
   Galaxaura barbata 
   Galaxaura capensis 
   Galaxaura cohaerens 
   Galaxaura comans 
   Galaxaura contigua 
   Galaxaura cyclindrica 
   Galaxaura diesingiana 
   Galaxaura distenta 
   Galaxaura divaricata 
   Galaxaura falcata 
   Galaxaura fasciculata 
   Galaxaura filamentosa 
   Galaxaura hawaiiana 
   Galaxaura hystrix 
   Galaxaura intermedia 
   Galaxaura kjellmanii 
   Galaxaura lapidescens 
   Galaxaura lenta 
   Galaxaura magna 
   Galaxaura marginata 
   Galaxaura marginata linearis 
   Galaxaura obtusata 
   Galaxaura obtusata major 
   Galaxaura papillata 
   Galaxaura plicata 
   Galaxaura ramulosa 
   Galaxaura rugosa 
   Galaxaura striata 
   Galaxaura stupocaula 
   Galaxaura verprecula 
   Galaxaura vietnamensis 
   Galaxaura yamadae 
   Ganonema codii 
   Ganonema farinosum 
   Ganonema helminthaxis 
   Ganonema lubrica 
   Ganonema lubricum 
   Gloiophloea articulata 
   Gloiophloea chinensis 
   Gloiophloea rosea 
   Gloiophloea scinaioides 
   Gloiotrichus fractalis 
   Helminthocladia agardhiana 
   Helminthocladia andersonii 
   Helminthocladia australis 
   Helminthocladia beaugleholei 
   Helminthocladia calvadosii 
   Helminthocladia calvadosii comorinensis 
   Helminthocladia calvadosii indica 
   Helminthocladia densa 
   Helminthocladia dotyi 
   Helminthocladia macrocephala 
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Nothogenia fastigiata

External Resources:

1.  Xylans of Red and Green Algae: What Is Known about Their Structures and How They Are Synthesised?LinkIT
Hsieh YSY, Harris PJ
Polymers, 2019

2.  Organization of plastid genomes in the freshwater red algal order Batrachospermales (Rhodophyta).LinkIT
Paiano MO, Del Cortona A, Costa JF, Liu SL, Verbruggen H, De Clerck O, Necchi O
Journal of phycology, 2018

3.  Chloroplast genomes as a tool to resolve red algal phylogenies: a case study in the Nemaliales.LinkIT
F Costa J, Lin SM, Macaya EC, Fernández-García C, Verbruggen H
BMC evolutionary biology, 2016

4.  Next-Generation Sequencing of an 88-Year-Old Specimen of the Poorly Known Species Liagora japonica (Nemaliales, Rhodophyta) Supports the Recognition of Otohimella gen. nov.LinkIT
Suzuki M, Segawa T, Mori H, Akiyoshi A, Ootsuki R, Kurihara A, Sakayama H, Kitayama T, Abe T, Kogame K, Kawai H, Nozaki H
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5.  Multigene phylogeny of the red algal subclass Nemaliophycidae.LinkIT
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Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2016

6.  A molecular evaluation of the Liagoraceae sensu lato (Nemaliales, Rhodophyta) in Bermuda including Liagora nesophila sp. nov. and Yamadaella grassyi sp. nov.LinkIT
Popolizio TR, Schneider CW, Lane CE
Journal of phycology, 2015

7.  A phylogenetic re-appraisal of the family Liagoraceae sensu lato (Nemaliales, Rhodophyta) based on sequence analyses of two plastid genes and postfertilization development.LinkIT
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Journal of phycology, 2015

8.  Estimates of nuclear DNA content in red algal lineages.LinkIT
Kapraun DF, Freshwater DW
AoB PLANTS, 2012

9.  ?-D-(1?4), ?-D-(1?3) 'mixed linkage' xylans from red seaweeds of the order Nemaliales and Palmariales.LinkIT
Viana AG, Noseda MD, Gonçalves AG, Duarte ME, Yokoya N, Matulewicz MC, Cerezo AS
Carbohydrate research, 2011

10.  A nuclear phylogeny of the Florideophyceae (Rhodophyta) inferred from combined EF2, small subunit and large subunit ribosomal DNA: establishing the new red algal subclass Corallinophycidae.LinkIT
Le Gall L, Saunders GW
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2007