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   Myliobatis aquila (Toadfish) 
   Myliobatus aquila 
   Raja aquila 

Broader Terms:
   Myliobatis (eagle rays) 
   Raja (skates) 
   Rajiformes (skates) 
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Raja aquila
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Common Names: Raie aigle, Gharabi, Aigle commun, Aigle de mer, Eagle ray, Chucho, Whipray, Aguila marina, Arreião, Arendskoprog, Aetós, Eagleray, Arendrog, Pylstert, Obispo, Duivelsrog, Arnarskata, Raia, Adlerrochen, Common eagle ray, Toadfish, Aigle de mer commun, Viuda, Aquila di mare, rato ....

1.  Profiling the tackle and its injury characteristics in premier New Zealand club rugby union players over a complete season.LinkIT
Takamori S, Hamlin MJ, King D, Hume PA, Tachikawa K, Koyanagi R, Yoshida T
British journal of sports medicine, 2022

2.  Electrophysiological measures from human iPSC-derived neurons are associated with schizophrenia clinical status and predict individual cognitive performance.LinkIT
Page SC, Sripathy SR, Farinelli F, Ye Z, Wang Y, Hiler DJ, Pattie EA, Nguyen CV, Tippani M, Moses RL, Chen HY, Tran MN, Eagles NJ, Stolz JM, Catallini JL, Soudry OR, Dickinson D, Berman KF, Apud JA, Weinberger DR, Martinowich K, Jaffe AE, Straub RE, Maher BJ
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3.  Barium sulfate aspiration pneumonia: A fatal case of death.LinkIT
Sacco MA, Ricci P, Aquila I
Clinical case reports, 2022

4.  Introduction: Health, Well-Being, and Ability in Archaeology.LinkIT
Camp SL, Barnes JA, Surface-Evans S
International journal of historical archaeology, 2022

5.  Streamlined life cycle assessment of single use technologies in biopharmaceutical manufacture.LinkIT
Budzinski K, Constable D, D'Aquila D, Smith P, Madabhushi S, Whiting A, Costelloe T, Collins M
New biotechnology, 2022

6.  Modulation of miR-29a and ADAM12 Reduces Post-Ischemic Skeletal Muscle Injury and Improves Perfusion Recovery and Skeletal Muscle Function in a Mouse Model of Type 2 Diabetes and Peripheral Artery Disease.LinkIT
Lamin V, Verry J, Eigner-Bybee I, Fuqua JD, Wong T, Lira VA, Dokun AO
International journal of molecular sciences, 2021

7.  NSAID-Induced Enteropathy Affects Regulation of Hepatic Glucose Production by Decreasing GLP-1 Secretion.LinkIT
Herz H, Song Y, Ye Y, Tian L, Linden B, Abu El Haija M, Chu Y, Grobe JL, Lengeling RW, Mokadem M
Nutrients, 2021

8.  Protocols for Generating Surfaces and Measuring 3D Organelle Morphology Using Amira.LinkIT
Garza-Lopez E, Vue Z, Katti P, Neikirk K, Biete M, Lam J, Beasley HK, Marshall AG, Rodman TA, Christensen TA, Salisbury JL, Vang L, Mungai M, AshShareef S, Murray SA, Shao J, Streeter J, Glancy B, Pereira RO, Abel ED, Hinton A
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9.  Advanced Feature Extraction and Selection Approach Using Deep Learning and Aquila Optimizer for IoT Intrusion Detection System.LinkIT
Fatani A, Dahou A, Al-Qaness MAA, Lu S, Abd Elaziz M
Sensors (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

10.  Targeting the ER?/HER Oncogenic Network in KRAS Mutant Lung Cancer Modulates the Tumor Microenvironment and Is Synergistic with Sequential Immunotherapy.LinkIT
Almotlak AA, Farooqui M, Soloff AC, Siegfried JM, Stabile LP
International journal of molecular sciences, 2021