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   Axinulus eumyaria (mya cleftclam) 
   Pavoclinus myae (Mya se klipvis) 
   Thyasira eumyaria (mya cleftclam) 


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More Specific:
   Mya arenaria (Clam) 
   Mya arenaria sertunayensis 
   Mya areneria 
   Mya baxteri (deep softshell) 
   Mya convexa 
   Mya eideri 
   Mya ekelofi 
   Mya elegans 
   Mya erodona 
   Mya ilyinensis 
   Mya intermedia 
   Mya japonica 
   Mya klipfish 
   Mya labiata 
   Mya lateralis 
   Mya neoovata 
   Mya neouddevallensis 
   Mya nitens 
   Mya nucleoides 
   Mya oonogai 
   Mya papyreacea 
   Mya particolor 
   Mya plana 
   Mya priapus 
   Mya profundior (deep softshell clam) 
   Mya pseudoarenaria (false softshell) 
   Mya psuedoarenaria 
   Mya rumoiensis 
   Mya se klipvis 
   Mya semidiaphana 
   Mya sowerbyi 
   Mya truncata (truncate softshell) 
   Mya truncata olchovica 
   Mya uddevallensis 
   Mya uzenensis (siberia softshell clam) 
   Mya wilsoni 
   mya cleftclam 
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Mya truncata

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1.  Pseudomonas yangonensis sp. nov., isolated from wound samples of patients in a hospital in Myanmar.LinkIT
Tohya M, Watanabe S, Teramoto K, Tada T, Kuwahara-Arai K, Mya S, Zin KN, Kirikae T, Tin HH
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology, 2020

2.  Shared ancestral polymorphism and chromosomal rearrangements as potential drivers of local adaptation in a marine fish.LinkIT
Cayuela H, Rougemont Q, Laporte M, Mérot C, Normandeau E, Dorant Y, Tørresen OK, Hoff SNK, Jentoft S, Sirois P, Castonguay M, Jansen T, Praebel K, Clément M, Bernatchez L
Molecular ecology, 2020

3.  Molecular footprints of selection effects and whole genome duplication (WGD) events in three blueberry species: detected by transcriptome dataset.LinkIT
Wang Y, Nie F, Shahid MQ, Baloch FS
BMC plant biology, 2020

4.  Mitogenomes reveal multiple colonization of mountains by Rattus in Sundaland.LinkIT
Camacho-Sanchez M, Leonard JA
The Journal of heredity, 2020

5.  Complete genome sequence of Mycobacterium Mya-zh01, an endophytic bacterium, promotes plant growth and seed germination isolated from flower stalk of Doritaenopsis.LinkIT
Pan L, Chen J, Ren S, Shen H, Rong B, Liu W, Yang Z
Archives of microbiology, 2020

6.  An Investigation into the Genetic History of Japanese Populations of Three Starfish, Acanthaster planci, Linckia laevigata, and Asterias amurensis, Based on Complete Mitochondrial DNA Sequences.LinkIT
Inoue J, Hisata K, Yasuda N, Satoh N
G3 (Bethesda, Md.), 2020

7.  Assessment of the elite accessions of bael [Aegle marmelos (L.) Corr.] in Sri Lanka based on morphometric, organoleptic, and elemental properties of the fruits and phylogenetic relationships.LinkIT
Pathirana CK, Ranaweera LT, Madhujith T, Ketipearachchi KW, Gamlath KL, Eeswara JP, Sooriyapathirana SS
PloS one, 2020

8.  Integrative Omics Analysis Reveals a Limited Transcriptional Shock After Yeast Interspecies Hybridization.LinkIT
Hovhannisyan H, Saus E, Ksiezopolska E, Hinks Roberts AJ, Louis EJ, GabaldĂłn T
Frontiers in genetics, 2020

9.  Oligocene divergence of frogmouth birds (Podargidae) across Wallace's Line.LinkIT
Oliver PM, Heiniger H, Hugall AF, Joseph L, Mitchell KJ
Biology letters, 2020

10.  Genomic and mitochondrial evidence of ancient isolations and extreme introgression in the four-lined snake.LinkIT
Thanou E, Kornilios P, Lymberakis P, Leaché AD
Current zoology, 2020