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   Mantoniella squamata 
   Micromonas squamata 

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11.  Ribosomal RNA-based oligonucleotide probes to identify marine green ultraphytoplankton.LinkIT
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12.  The origin of land plants: phylogenetic relationships among charophytes, bryophytes, and vascular plants inferred from complete small-subunit ribosomal RNA gene sequences.LinkIT
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13.  Polypeptide sequence of the chlorophyll a/b/c-binding protein of the prasinophycean alga Mantoniella squamata.LinkIT
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14.  A cDNA clone encoding a light-harvesting protein from Mantoniella squamata.LinkIT
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15.  The atypical chlorophyll a/b/c light-harvesting complex of Mantoniella squamata: molecular cloning and sequence analysis.LinkIT
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17.  Comparative analysis of the composition of two chlorophyll-b-containing light-harvesting complexes.LinkIT
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18.  The energy distribution between the photosystems and light-induced changes in the stoichiometry of system I and II reaction centers in the chlorophyll b-containing alga Mantoniella squamata (Prasinophyceae).LinkIT
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19.  Energy transfer and pigment composition in three chlorophyll b-containing light-harvesting complexes isolated from Mantoniella squamata (Prasinophyceae), Chlorella fusca (Chlorophyceae) and Sinapis alba.LinkIT
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