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   Unassigned heterotrophic flagellates 

More Specific:
   Micromonas micros 
   Micromonas pusilla 
   Micromonas pusilla reovirus 
   Micromonas pusilla virus 
   Micromonas squamata 
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31.  Algal light sensing and photoacclimation in aquatic environments.LinkIT
Duanmu D, Rockwell NC, Lagarias JC
Plant, cell & environment, 2017

32.  Seasonal patterns in Arctic prasinophytes and inferred ecology of Bathycoccus unveiled in an Arctic winter metagenome.LinkIT
Joli N, Monier A, Logares R, Lovejoy C
The ISME journal, 2017

33.  Community Composition of Photosynthetic Picoeukaryotes in a Subtropical Coastal Ecosystem, with Particular Emphasis on Micromonas.LinkIT
Lin YC, Chung CC, Chen LY, Gong GC, Huang CY, Chiang KP
The Journal of eukaryotic microbiology, 2017

34.  Responses of the picoprasinophyte Micromonas commoda to light and ultraviolet stress.LinkIT
Cuvelier ML, Guo J, Ortiz AC, van Baren MJ, Tariq MA, Partensky F, Worden AZ
PloS one, 2017

35.  Temperature is a key factor in Micromonas-virus interactions.LinkIT
Demory D, Arsenieff L, Simon N, Six C, Rigaut-Jalabert F, Marie D, Ge P, Bigeard E, Jacquet S, Sciandra A, Bernard O, Rabouille S, Baudoux AC
The ISME journal, 2017

36.  Use of plankton-derived vitamin B1 precursors, especially thiazole-related precursor, by key marine picoeukaryotic phytoplankton.LinkIT
Paerl RW, Bouget FY, Lozano JC, Vergé V, Schatt P, Allen EE, Palenik B, Azam F
The ISME journal, 2017

37.  Arctic Micromonas uses protein pools and non-photochemical quenching to cope with temperature restrictions on Photosystem II protein turnover.LinkIT
Ni G, Zimbalatti G, Murphy CD, Barnett AB, Arsenault CM, Li G, Cockshutt AM, Campbell DA
Photosynthesis research, 2017

38.  Is chloroplastic class IIA aldolase a marine enzyme?LinkIT
Miyasaka H, Ogata T, Tanaka S, Ohama T, Kano S, Kazuhiro F, Hayashi S, Yamamoto S, Takahashi H, Matsuura H, Hirata K
The ISME journal, 2016

39.  Mechanism for DNA transposons to generate introns on genomic scales.LinkIT
Huff JT, Zilberman D, Roy SW
Nature, 2016

40.  mdRNA-Seq analysis of marine microbial communities from the northern Red Sea.LinkIT
Hou S, Pfreundt U, Miller D, Berman-Frank I, Hess WR
Scientific reports, 2016