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Broader Terms:
   Apiaceae (carrot) 

More Specific:
   Meum adonidifolium 
   Meum alatum 
   Meum anethifolium 
   Meum athamanta 
   Meum athamanticum (Spignel) 
   Meum athamanticum nevadense 
   Meum atlanticum 
   Meum bunius 
   Meum capillaceum 
   Meum carvifolium 
   Meum corsicum 
   Meum dalechampii 
   Meum diffusum 
   Meum fatuum 
   Meum foeniculum 
   Meum gayoides 
   Meum graecum 
   Meum heterophyllum 
   Meum inundatum 
   Meum meum 
   Meum mutellina 
   Meum nevadense 
   Meum nodiflorum 
   Meum nudicaule 
   Meum nutans 
   Meum piperatum 
   Meum piperinum 
   Meum piperitum 
   Meum pyrenaicum 
   Meum resinosum 
   Meum rigidulum 
   Meum scoticum 
   Meum segetum 
   Meum sibiricum 
   Meum siifolium 
   Meum silaus 
   Meum tenuifolium 
   Meum vandasii 
   Meum venosum 
   Meum vulgare 
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Meum athamanticum
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1.  Improving the Use of Simulation in Nursing Education: Protocol for a Realist Review.LinkIT
Meum TT, Sletteb√ł √Ö, Fossum M
JMIR research protocols, 2020

2.  The interplay between global standards and local practice in nursing.LinkIT
Meum T, Ellingsen G, Monteiro E, Wangensteen G, Igesund H
International journal of medical informatics, 2013

3.  "Lost in translation": the challenges of seamless integration in nursing practices.LinkIT
Meum T
International journal of medical informatics, 2013

4.  Plant ethnoveterinary practices in two pyrenean territories of catalonia (iberian peninsula) and in two areas of the balearic islands and comparison with ethnobotanical uses in human medicine.LinkIT
Carrió E, Rigat M, Garnatje T, Mayans M, Parada M, Vallès J
Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM, 2012

5.  How does nursing staff perceive the use of electronic handover reports? A questionnaire-based study.LinkIT
Meum T, Wangensteen G, Soleng KS, Wynn R
International journal of telemedicine and applications, 2011

6.  Standardization--the iron cage of nurses' work?LinkIT
Meum T, Wangensteen G, Igesund H, Ellingsen G, Monteiro E
Studies in health technology and informatics, 2010

7.  Essential oil composition of the leaves and stems of Meum athamanticum Jacq., from Spain.LinkIT
Pal√°-Pa√ļl J, Garc√≠a-Jim√©nez R, P√©rez-Alonso MJ, Velasco-Negueruela A, Sanz J
Journal of chromatography. A, 2004

8.  Solid-phase microextraction of volatile components from natural grassland plants.LinkIT
Cornu A, Carnat A, Martin B, Coulon J, Lamaison J, Berdagué J
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2001

9.  [Peripheral material, or matrix, of mitotic chromosomes: structure and properties].LinkIT
Chentsov IuS
Ontogenez, 2001

10.  'Opus meum'. Finale.LinkIT
Shearman RP
The Australian & New Zealand journal of obstetrics & gynaecology, 1994