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   Methanococci incertaesedis 
   Methanogenium aggregans 
   Methanogenium bourgense 
   Methanogenium cariaci 
   Methanogenium frigidum 
   Methanogenium frittonii 
   Methanogenium liminatans 
   Methanogenium marisnigri 
   Methanogenium olentangyi 
   Methanogenium organophilum 
   Methanogenium tationis 
   Methanogenium thermophilicum 
   Methanomicrobiales archaeon 
   environmental samples 
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1.  Metatranscriptomics reveals different features of methanogenic archaea among global vegetated coastal ecosystems.LinkIT
Cai M, Yin X, Tang X, Zhang C, Zheng Q, Li M
The Science of the total environment, 2022

2.  Methanogen Community Dynamics and Methanogenic Function Response to Solid Waste Decomposition.LinkIT
Yang S, Li L, Peng X, Zhang R, Song L
Frontiers in microbiology, 2021

3.  A pilot-scale study of granule-based anaerobic reactors for biogas recovery from municipal wastewater under sub-mesophilic conditions.LinkIT
Owusu-Agyeman I, Plaza E, Cetecioglu Z
Bioresource technology, 2021

4.  Seasonal Dynamics of Abundance, Structure, and Diversity of Methanogens and Methanotrophs in Lake Sediments.LinkIT
Lyautey E, Billard E, Tissot N, Jacquet S, Domaizon I
Microbial ecology, 2021

5.  Characterization of Blf4, an Archaeal Lytic Virus Targeting a Member of the Methanomicrobiales.LinkIT
Weidenbach K, Wolf S, Kupczok A, Kern T, Fischer MA, Reetz J, Urba?ska N, Künzel S, Schmitz RA, Rother M
Viruses, 2021

6.  Influence of Environmental Factors on the Variability of Archaeal Communities in a Karst Wetland.LinkIT
Chen Y, Qiu K, Zhong Z, Zhou T
Frontiers in microbiology, 2021

7.  Comparison of enteric methane yield and diversity of ruminal methanogens in cattle and buffaloes fed on the same diet.LinkIT
Malik PK, Trivedi S, Mohapatra A, Kolte AP, Sejian V, Bhatta R, Rahman H
PloS one, 2021

8.  Archaeal and bacterial community structures of rural household biogas digesters with different raw materials in Qinghai Plateau.LinkIT
Han R, Liu L, Meng Y, Han H, Xiong R, Li Y, Chen L
Biotechnology letters, 2021

9.  The process of methanogenesis in paddy fields under different elevated CO2 concentrations.LinkIT
Wang Y, Hu Z, Shen L, Liu C, Islam ARMT, Wu Z, Dang H, Chen S
The Science of the total environment, 2021

10.  Establishment and assessment of an amplicon sequencing method targeting the 16S-ITS-23S rRNA operon for analysis of the equine gut microbiome.LinkIT
Kinoshita Y, Niwa H, Uchida-Fujii E, Nukada T
Scientific reports, 2021