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   Colomesus psittacus (Baiacu camisa de meia) 
   Elagatis bipinnulata (Camisa de meia) 


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1.  Prospective Evaluation of the mariPOC Test for Detection of Clostridioides difficile Glutamate Dehydrogenase and Toxins A/B.LinkIT
Savolainen R, Koskinen JM, Mentula S, Koskinen JO, Kaukoranta SS
Journal of clinical microbiology, 2020

2.  The Prevalence of HBV Infection: A Retrospective Study of 13 Years in a Public Hospital of Northeast China.LinkIT
Jin Y, Geng N, Zhao L, Li Y, Zheng L, Zhu W, Sheng Q, An Z, Wang J, Dou X, Bai H
Viral immunology, 2020

3.  TEG Platelet Mapping and Impedance Aggregometry to Predict Platelet Transfusion During Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Pediatric Patients.LinkIT
Barker EE, Saini A, Gazit AZ, Shea SM, Baltagi S, Gage BF, Spinella PC
Frontiers in pediatrics, 2019

4.  Evaluation of the raw water quality: physicochemical and toxicological approaches.LinkIT
Gomes RP, de Paula Silva JA, Carvalho Junior MC, Alburquerque WCA, Scalize PS, Galvão Filho AR, de Jesus Pires D, Vieira JDG, Carneiro LC
Environmental geochemistry and health, 2019

5.  HBsAg, anti-HCV and anti-HIV seroprevalence among blood donors in Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey, 2011-2015.LinkIT
Dayan S, Özekinci T, Bekçiba?i M, Deveci Ö
Le infezioni in medicina, 2019

6.  Highly sensitive/selective 3D nanostructured immunoparticle-based interface on a multichannel sensor array for detecting amyloid-beta in Alzheimer's disease.LinkIT
Liu TC, Lee YC, Ko CY, Liu RS, Ke CC, Lo YC, Hong PS, Chu CY, Chang CW, Wu PW, Chen YY, Chen SY
Theranostics, 2018

7.  Analysis of cytokines IFN-?, TNF-?, TGF-? and nitric oxide in amniotic fluid and serum of pregnant women with toxoplasmosis in southern Brazil.LinkIT
Marchioro AA, Colli CM, de Souza CZ, da Silva SS, Tiyo BT, Evangelista FF, Higa L, Conchon-Costa I, Falavigna-Guilherme AL
Cytokine, 2018

8.  Prevalence of Hepatitis C virus and its risk factors in blood donors in district Peshawar.LinkIT
Rehman N, Orakzai MB, Hayat A, Azam S, Ahmad B, Khan I, Zeb Z
Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 2018

9.  Diagnostic accuracy of tests to detect hepatitis B surface antigen: a systematic review of the literature and meta-analysis.LinkIT
Amini A, Varsaneux O, Kelly H, Tang W, Chen W, Boeras DI, Falconer J, Tucker JD, Chou R, Ishizaki A, Easterbrook P, Peeling RW
BMC infectious diseases, 2017

10.  [Analysis on sero-epidemiological characteristics of hepatitis B virus among people born during 1994-2001 before and after hepatitis B vaccine catch-up vaccination, China].LinkIT
Wang FZ, Zheng H, Miao N, Sun XJ, Zhang GM, Liang XF, Cui FQ
Zhonghua yu fang yi xue za zhi [Chinese journal of preventive medicine], 2017