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   Notodontidae (Prominent Moths) 

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1.  Opheliidae (Annelida: Polychaeta) from the western Pacific islands, including five new species.LinkIT
MagalhÃes WF, Rizzo AE, Bailey-Brock JH
Zootaxa, 2019

2.  Benthic infaunal communities around two artificial reefs in Mamala Bay, Oahu, Hawaii.LinkIT
Fukunaga A, Bailey-Brock JH
Marine environmental research, 2008

3.  Incidence of enteroviruses in Mamala Bay, Hawaii using cell culture and direct polymerase chain reaction methodologies.LinkIT
Reynolds KA, Roll K, Fujioka RS, Gerba CP, Pepper IL
Canadian journal of microbiology, 1998

4.  Characterization of marine temperate phage-host systems isolated from Mamala Bay, Oahu, Hawaii.LinkIT
Jiang SC, Kellogg CA, Paul JH
Applied and environmental microbiology, 1998

5.  Coliphage and indigenous phage in Mamala Bay, Oahu, Hawaii.LinkIT
Paul JH, Rose JB, Jiang SC, London P, Xhou X, Kellogg C
Applied and environmental microbiology, 1997