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   Macroscelides proboscideus (Short-eared Elephant Shrew) 

Broader Terms:
   Macroscelidea (Elephant shrews) 

More Specific:
   Macroscelides proboscideus flavicaudatus 
   Macroscelides proboscideus proboscideus 
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Macroscelides proboscideus
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Common Names: Round-eared Elephant Shrew, Прыгунчик короткоухий, Short-eared Elephant Shrew

1.  Redescription of Maupasina weissi (Seurat, 1913) (Nematoda: Ascaridida) from sengis, Elephantulus spp. and Macroscelides proboscideus (Shaw) (Macroscelidea), in Africa.LinkIT
Smales LR, Halajian A, Junker K
Systematic parasitology, 2018

2.  Comparative anatomy of neonates of the three major mammalian groups (monotremes, marsupials, placentals) and implications for the ancestral mammalian neonate morphotype.LinkIT
Ferner K, Schultz JA, Zeller U
Journal of anatomy, 2017

3.  Phylogeny and taxonomy of the round-eared sengis or elephant-shrews, genus Macroscelides (Mammalia, Afrotheria, Macroscelidea).LinkIT
Dumbacher JP, Rathbun GB, Smit HA, Eiseb SJ
PloS one, 2012

4.  Morphological cranial diversity contributes to phylogeny in soft-furred sengis (Afrotheria, Macroscelidea).LinkIT
Scalici M, Panchetti F
Zoology (Jena, Germany), 2011

5.  A chromosome painting test of the basal eutherian karyotype.LinkIT
Svartman M, Stone G, Page JE, Stanyon R
Chromosome research : an international journal on the molecular, supramolecular and evolutionary aspects of chromosome biology, 2004

6.  Confirmation of pleisiomorphic daily torpor in mammals: the round-eared elephant shrew Macroscelides proboscideus (Macroscelidea).LinkIT
Lovegrove BG, Lawes MJ, Roxburgh L
Journal of comparative physiology. B, Biochemical, systemic, and environmental physiology, 1999

7.  Small mammal seed consumption in the Karoo, South Africa: further evidence for divergence in desert biotic processes.LinkIT
Kerley GI
Oecologia, 1992