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   Macrognathus hamiltoni 
   Macrognathus hamiltonii 
   Mastacembelus armatus (Pa loht) 

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1.  Evolutionary Dynamics of the OR Gene Repertoire in Teleost Fishes: Evidence of an Association with Changes in Olfactory Epithelium Shape.LinkIT
Policarpo M, Bemis KE, Tyler JC, Metcalfe CJ, Laurenti P, Sandoz JC, Rétaux S, Casane D
Molecular biology and evolution, 2021

2.  Telomere-to-telomere assembly of a fish Y chromosome reveals the origin of a young sex chromosome pair.LinkIT
Xue L, Gao Y, Wu M, Tian T, Fan H, Huang Y, Huang Z, Li D, Xu L
Genome biology, 2021

3.  Taxonomic, morphometric and limnological assessment of the commercially important ichthyofauna of Sakhakot Stream, Malakand, Pakistan.LinkIT
Attaullah M, Ullah U, Ilahi I, Ahmad N, Rahman FU, Ullah J, Dad O, Amin M, Hassan HU, Ullah R, Buneri ID
Brazilian journal of biology = Revista brasleira de biologia, 2021

4.  Molecular cloning and functional characterization of growth hormone-releasing hormone in Mastacembelus armatus.LinkIT
Zhong D, Zhang M, Lan X, Li S, Shu H
Fish physiology and biochemistry, 2021

5.  The use of fish and herptiles in traditional folk therapies in three districts of Chenab riverine area in Punjab, Pakistan.LinkIT
Altaf M, Abbasi AM, Umair M, Amjad MS, Irshad K, Khan AM
Journal of ethnobiology and ethnomedicine, 2020

6.  DNA barcoding of freshwater fishes from Brahmaputra River in Eastern Himalaya biodiversity hotspot.LinkIT
Kundu S, Chandra K, Tyagi K, Pakrashi A, Kumar V
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2019

7.  Characterization, evolution, and expression analysis of TLR7 gene subfamily members in Mastacembelus armatus (Synbranchiformes: Mastacembelidae).LinkIT
Han C, Li Q, Liu J, Hao Z, Huang J, Zhang Y
Developmental and comparative immunology, 2019

8.  Heliconema Monopteri n. Sp. (Nematoda: Physalopteridae) from Monopterus Cuchia (Hamilton) (Osteichthyes: Synbranchidae) in India, with Notes on the Taxonomy of Heliconema Spp.LinkIT
Moravec F, Chaudhary A, Singh HS
Helminthologia, 2019

9.  Transcriptome analysis of the spleen provides insight into the immunoregulation of Mastacembelus armatus under Aeromonas veronii infection.LinkIT
Han C, Li Q, Chen Q, Zhou G, Huang J, Zhang Y
Fish & shellfish immunology, 2019

10.  Characterization, expression, and evolutionary analysis of new TLR3 and TLR5M genes cloned from the spiny eel Mastacembelus armatus.LinkIT
Han C, Li Q, Zhang Z, Huang J
Developmental and comparative immunology, 2017