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1.  Do bigheaded carp act as a phosphorus source for phytoplankton in (sub)tropical Chinese reservoirs?LinkIT
Lin Q, Chen Q, Peng L, Xiao L, Lei L, Jeppesen E
Water research, 2020

2.  Differential responses of a pi-class glutathione S-transferase (CnGSTp) expression and antioxidant status between golden and brown noble scallops under pathogenic stress.LinkIT
Liu H, Zhang H, Cheng D, Tan K, Ye T, Ma H, Li S, Zheng H
Fish & shellfish immunology, 2020

3.  Vibrio mediterranei, a Potential Emerging Pathogen of Marine Fauna: Investigation of pathogenicity using a bacterial challenge in Pinna nobilis and development of a species-specific PCR.LinkIT
Andree KB, Carrasco N, Carella F, Furones D, Prado P
Journal of applied microbiology, 2020

4.  A turripeptide from Polystira nobilis venom inhibits human ?3?2 and ?7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.LinkIT
Hernández-Sámano AC, Falcón A, Zamudio F, Ortíz-Arellano MA, López-Vera E, Aguilar MB
Insect biochemistry and molecular biology, 2020

5.  Effects of high stocking density on the galectin gene expression in noble scallop Chalmys nobilis under bacterial infection.LinkIT
Li L, Tan K, Zhang H, Li S, Ma H, Zheng H
Fish & shellfish immunology, 2020

6.  Venomics Approach Reveals a High Proportion of Lactrodectus-Like Toxins in the Venom of the Noble False Widow Spider Steatoda nobilis.LinkIT
Dunbar JP, Fort A, Redureau D, Sulpice R, Dugon MM, Quinton L
Toxins, 2020

7.  Identification, cloning and heterologous expression of biosynthetic gene cluster for desertomycin.LinkIT
Hashimoto T, Kozone I, Hashimoto J, Suenaga H, Fujie M, Satoh N, Ikeda H, Shin-Ya K
The Journal of antibiotics, 2020

8.  Infusions of Herbal Blends as Promising Sources of Phenolic Compounds and Bioactive Properties.LinkIT
Finimundy TC, Pereira C, Dias MI, Caleja C, Calhelha RC, Sokovic M, Stojkovi? D, Carvalho AM, Rosa E, Barros L, Ferreira ICFR
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

9.  Revision of the western Palaearctic species of Aleiodes Wesmael (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Rogadinae). Part 2: Revision of the A. apicalis group.LinkIT
van Achterberg C, Shaw MR, Quicke DLJ
ZooKeys, 2020

10.  Potential establishment and ecological effects of bighead and silver carp in a productive embayment of the Laurentian Great Lakes.LinkIT
Ivan LN, Mason DM, Zhang H, Rutherford ES, Hunter T, Sable S, Adamack AT, Rose K
Biological invasions, 2020