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   Scarus arabicus (Arabian parrotfish) 
   Scarus collana (Greenband parrotfish) 
   Scarus hoefleri (Nkoussou) 
   Vatairea fusca (Angelim-amargoso) 

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231.  Targeting of Cameleons to various subcellular compartments reveals a strict cytoplasmic/mitochondrial Ca²? handling relationship in plant cells.LinkIT
Loro G, Drago I, Pozzan T, Schiavo FL, Zottini M, Costa A
The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology, 2012

232.  Normal values of left-ventricular mass: echocardiographic findings from the PAMELA study.LinkIT
Cuspidi C, Facchetti R, Sala C, Bombelli M, Negri F, Carugo S, Sega R, Grassi G, Mancia G
Journal of hypertension, 2012

233.  Oxidative stress parameters and antioxidant response to sublethal waterborne zinc in a euryhaline teleost Fundulus heteroclitus: protective effects of salinity.LinkIT
Loro VL, Jorge MB, Silva KR, Wood CM
Aquatic toxicology (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 2012

234.  Effects of the commercial formulation containing fipronil on the non-target organism Cyprinus carpio: implications for rice-fish cultivation.LinkIT
Clasen B, Loro VL, Cattaneo R, Moraes B, Lópes T, de Avila LA, Zanella R, Reimche GB, Baldisserotto B
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 2012

235.  ChIP sequencing of cyclin D1 reveals a transcriptional role in chromosomal instability in mice.LinkIT
Casimiro MC, Crosariol M, Loro E, Ertel A, Yu Z, Dampier W, Saria EA, Papanikolaou A, Stanek TJ, Li Z, Wang C, Fortina P, Addya S, Tozeren A, Knudsen ES, Arnold A, Pestell RG
The Journal of clinical investigation, 2012

236.  Aberrant splicing and expression of the non muscle myosin heavy-chain gene MYH14 in DM1 muscle tissues.LinkIT
Rinaldi F, Terracciano C, Pisani V, Massa R, Loro E, Vergani L, Di Girolamo S, Angelini C, Gourdon G, Novelli G, Botta A
Neurobiology of disease, 2012

237.  Toxicological responses of Cyprinus carpio exposed to a commercial formulation containing glyphosate.LinkIT
Cattaneo R, Clasen B, Loro VL, de Menezes CC, Pretto A, Baldisserotto B, Santi A, de Avila LA
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology, 2011

238.  Oxidative stress biomarkers and acetylcholinesterase activity in human erythrocytes exposed to clomazone (in vitro).LinkIT
Santi A, Menezes C, Duarte MM, Leitemperger J, Lópes T, Loro VL
Interdisciplinary toxicology, 2011

239.  The influence of some environmental factors on cytological and biometric parameters and chlorophyll content of Deschampsia antarctica Desv. in the maritime Antarctic.LinkIT
Parnikoza IY, Loro P, Miryuta NY, Kunakh VA, Kozeretska IA
TSitologiia i genetika, 2011

240.  [Evolutionary issues in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); from risk factors to comorbidity and social and academic impact].LinkIT
Quintero J, Loro M, Jiménez B, García Campos N
Vertex (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 2011