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   Scarus arabicus (Arabian parrotfish) 
   Scarus collana (Red Sea parrotfish) 
   Scarus hoefleri (Nkoussou) 
   Vatairea fusca (Angelim-amargoso) 

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181.  Chronic Treatment with Paraquat Induces Brain Injury, Changes in Antioxidant Defenses System, and Modulates Behavioral Functions in Zebrafish.LinkIT
Nunes ME, Müller TE, Braga MM, Fontana BD, Quadros VA, Marins A, Rodrigues C, Menezes C, Rosemberg DB, Loro VL
Molecular neurobiology, 2017

182.  Hypothyroidism Enhanced Ectonucleotidases and Acetylcholinesterase Activities in Rat Synaptosomes can be Prevented by the Naturally Occurring Polyphenol Quercetin.LinkIT
Baldissarelli J, Santi A, Schmatz R, Abdalla FH, Cardoso AM, Martins CC, Dias GR, Calgaroto NS, Pelinson LP, Reichert KP, Loro VL, Morsch VM, Schetinger MR
Cellular and molecular neurobiology, 2017

183.  Effect of diphenyl diselenide diet supplementation on oxidative stress biomarkers in two species of freshwater fish exposed to the insecticide fipronil.LinkIT
Menezes C, Leitemperger J, Murussi C, de Souza Viera M, Adaime MB, Zanella R, Loro VL
Fish physiology and biochemistry, 2016

184.  Chloroplast-Specific in Vivo Ca2+ Imaging Using Yellow Cameleon Fluorescent Protein Sensors Reveals Organelle-Autonomous Ca2+ Signatures in the Stroma.LinkIT
Loro G, Wagner S, Doccula FG, Behera S, Weinl S, Kudla J, Schwarzländer M, Costa A, Zottini M
Plant physiology, 2016

185.  Prevalence and correlates of new-onset left ventricular geometric abnormalities in a general population: the PAMELA study.LinkIT
Cuspidi C, Facchetti R, Bombelli M, Sala C, Tadic M, Grassi G, Mancia G
Journal of hypertension, 2016

186.  Pharmacotherapy to protect the neuromuscular junction after acute organophosphorus pesticide poisoning.LinkIT
Bird SB, Krajacic P, Sawamoto K, Bunya N, Loro E, Khurana TS
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 2016

187.  Early biochemical biomarkers for zinc in silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen) after acute exposure.LinkIT
Leitemperger J, Menezes C, Santi A, Murussi C, Lópes T, Costa M, Nogueira LS, Loro VL
Fish physiology and biochemistry, 2016

188.  Henneguya collaris sp. nov., (Myxosporidia), parasite of the Greenband Parrotfish Scarus collana Rüppell, 1835 (Actinopterygii, Scaridae) from the Red Sea, Egypt. A light and electron microscopic study.LinkIT
Morsy K, Semmler M, Al-Olayan E, Mehlhorn H
Parasitology research, 2016

189.  Acute exposure to the biopesticide azadirachtin affects parameters in the gills of common carp (Cyprinus carpio).LinkIT
Murussi CR, Costa MD, Leitemperger JW, Flores-Lopes F, Menezes CC, Loebens L, de Avila LA, Rizzetti TM, Adaime MB, Zanella R, Loro VL
Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Toxicology & pharmacology : CBP, 2016

190.  Effect of Temperature, Time, and Material Thickness on the Dehydration Process of Tomato.LinkIT
Correia AF, Loro AC, Zanatta S, Spoto MH, Vieira TM
International journal of food science, 2015