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   Leptospermum scoparium (New Zealand Tea Tree) 

Broader Terms:
   Leptospermum (teatree) 

More Specific:
   Leptospermum scoparium aciculare 
   Leptospermum scoparium angustifolia 
   Leptospermum scoparium bullatum 
   Leptospermum scoparium chapmannii 
   Leptospermum scoparium confertifolium 
   Leptospermum scoparium eximea 
   Leptospermum scoparium eximium 
   Leptospermum scoparium forsteri 
   Leptospermum scoparium grandiflorum 
   Leptospermum scoparium incanum 
   Leptospermum scoparium juniperinum 
   Leptospermum scoparium linearifolium 
   Leptospermum scoparium linifolium 
   Leptospermum scoparium martinii 
   Leptospermum scoparium microphyllum 
   Leptospermum scoparium myrtifolium 
   Leptospermum scoparium nichollsii 
   Leptospermum scoparium nicholsii 
   Leptospermum scoparium rotundifolium 
   Leptospermum scoparium rubricaule 
   Leptospermum scoparium scoparium 
   Leptospermum scoparium sericeum 
   Leptospermum scoparium vulgare 
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Leptospermum scoparium
Australian National Botanic Gardens

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Common Names: Katoa, Rose-flowered Tea Tree, New Zealand tea, rauwiri, rauiri, broom teatree, manuka, Pata, New Zealand Tea Tree, kahikatoa

1.  M?nuka Oil-A Review of Antimicrobial and Other Medicinal Properties.LinkIT
Mathew C, Tesfaye W, Rasmussen P, Peterson GM, Bartholomaeus A, Sharma M, Thomas J
Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

2.  Use of kinetic data to model potential antioxidant activity: Radical scavenging capacity of Australian Eucalyptus honeys.LinkIT
Beiranvand S, Williams A, Long S, Brooks PR, Russell FD
Food chemistry, 2020

3.  A core phyllosphere microbiome exists across distant populations of a tree species indigenous to New Zealand.LinkIT
Noble AS, Noe S, Clearwater MJ, Lee CK
PloS one, 2020

4.  Effects of Two Invasive Weeds on Arthropod Community Structure on the Central Plateau of New Zealand.LinkIT
Effah E, Barrett DP, Peterson PG, Potter MA, Holopainen JK, Clavijo McCormick A
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

5.  Seasonal and environmental variation in volatile emissions of the New Zealand native plant Leptospermum scoparium in weed-invaded and non-invaded sites.LinkIT
Effah E, Barrett DP, Peterson PG, Potter MA, Holopainen JK, Clavijo McCormick A
Scientific reports, 2020

6.  Resistance of New Zealand Provenance Leptospermum scoparium, Kunzea robusta, Kunzea linearis, and Metrosideros excelsa to Austropuccinia psidii.LinkIT
Smith GR, Ganley BJ, Chagné D, Nadarajan J, Pathirana RN, Ryan J, Arnst EA, Sutherland R, Soewarto J, Houliston G, Marsh AT, Koot E, Carnegie AJ, Menzies T, Lee DJ, Shuey LS, Pegg GS
Plant disease, 2020

7.  Utility of the Leptospermum scoparium Compound Lepteridine as a Chemical Marker for Manuka Honey Authenticity.LinkIT
Lin B, Daniels BJ, Middleditch MJ, Furkert DP, Brimble MA, Bong J, Stephens JM, Loomes KM
ACS omega, 2020

8.  Investigation of Temporal Apparent C4 Sugar Change in Manuka Honey.LinkIT
Chernyshev A, Braggins T
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2020

9.  Leptosperols A and B, Two Cinnamoylphloroglucinol-Sesquiterpenoid Hybrids from Leptospermum scoparium: Structural Elucidation and Biomimetic Synthesis.LinkIT
Gu JH, Wang WJ, Chen JZ, Liu JS, Li NP, Cheng MJ, Hu LJ, Li CC, Ye WC, Wang L
Organic letters, 2020

10.  Leptospermum scoparium essential oil is a promising source of mosquito larvicide and its toxicity is enhanced by a biobased emulsifier.LinkIT
Muturi EJ, Selling GW, Doll KM, Hay WT, Ramirez JL
PloS one, 2020