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   Cynolebias minimus 
   Leptolebias minimus (Annual Tropiacl Killifish) 

Broader Terms:
   Cynolebias (pearlfishes) 
   Cyprinodontiformes (cyprinodontiforms) 
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Common Names: Barredtail pearlfish, Annual Tropiacl Killifish, 微珠鮰, Ladiges Fächerfisch, 朗氏珠鮰, 微鰕鮰, Zwergfächerfisch, Ladiges' Fächerfisch, Seepraviuhkaevä, Cynolebias nain, Least pearlfish, Pez Anual Enano, Minute pearlfish

1.  Arthroscopic Repair of the Hip Abductor Musculotendinous Unit: The Effect of Microfracture on Clinical Outcomes.LinkIT
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2.  Hip Abductor and Peritrochanteric Space Conditions.LinkIT
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3.  Gluteus minimus tendon: MR imaging features and patterns of tendon tearing.LinkIT
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4.  Neelipleona and Symphypleona (Collembola) from a Sampling in the Mesovoid Shallow Substratum of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park (Madrid and Segovia, Spain): Taxonomy and Biogeography.LinkIT
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5.  Impact of fatty degeneration on the functional outcomes of 38 patients undergoing surgical repair of gluteal tendon tears.LinkIT
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6.  A review of Pseudachorutes Tullberg, 1871 (Collembola, Neanuridae) from the East Asia, with description of six new species.LinkIT
Babenko A, Kuznetsova N, Nakamori T, Shveenkova Y
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7.  Effectiveness of Dry Needling Therapy on Pain, Hip Muscle Strength, and Physical Function in Patients With Hip Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Controlled Trial.LinkIT
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8.  New species of Limnophyes Eaton (Diptera, Chironomidae) from China and synonymy of L. fuscipygmus Tokunaga, 1940.LinkIT
Liu W, Zhao C, Kong F, Yan C, Wang X
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9.  Both open and endoscopic gluteal tendon repairs lead to functional improvement with similar failure rates: a systematic review.LinkIT
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10.  The Interexaminer Reproducibility and Prevalence of Lumbar and Gluteal Myofascial Trigger Points in Patients With Radiating Low Back Pain.LinkIT
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