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Broader Terms:
   Aves (birds) 
   Charadriiformes (gulls) 
   Ciconiiformes (shore birds) 

More Specific:
   Aethia (least auklets) 
   Alca (razorbills) 
   Alle (dovekies) 
   Anous (noddys) 
   Anous minutus (black noddy) 
   Anous stolidus (brown noddy) 
   Brachyramphus (marbled murrelets) 
   Catharacta (skuas) 
   Catharacta maccormicki (South Polar Skua) 
   Catharacta skua (Great Skua) 
   Cepphus (guillemots) 
   Cerorhinca (rhinoceros auklets) 
   Chlidonias (black terns) 
   Chlidonias hybridus (Whiskered Tern) 
   Chlidonias leucopterus (Whitewinged Tern) 
   Chlidonias niger (Black Tern) 
   Fratercula (puffins) 
   Gygis (white terns) 
   Gygis alba (white tern) 
   Larosterna inca (Inca Tern) 
   Larus (gulls) 
   Larus argentatus (harbor gull) 
   Larus atricilla (Laughing Gull) 
   Larus belcheri (band-tailed gull) 
   Larus cachinnans (Yellow-legged Gull Ponto-Caspian) 
   Larus californicus (California Gull) 
   Larus canus (Mew Gull) 
   Larus crassirostris (Black-tailed Gull) 
   Larus delawarensis (lake gull) 
   Larus fuscus (Lesser Blackbacked Gull) 
   Larus glaucescens (glaucous-winged gull) 
   Larus glaucoides (Iceland Gull) 
   Larus heermanni (Heerman's gull) 
   Larus hyperboreus (owl gull) 
   Larus livens (yellow-footed gull) 
   Larus marinus (coffin-carrier) 
   Larus minutus (Little Gull) 
   Larus modestus (Grey Gull) 
   Larus occidentalis (Western Gull) 
   Larus philadelphia (Bonaparte's rosy gull) 
   Larus pipixcan (Franklin's Gull) 
   Larus ridibundus (black-headed gull) 
   Larus schistisagus (Slaty-backed Gull) 
   Larus thayeri (Thayer's Gull) 
   Pagophila eburnea (ivory gull) 
   Phaetusa simplex (Large-billed Tern) 
   Pinguinus (great auks) 
   Procelsterna (blue-gray noddys) 
   Procelsterna cerulea (Blue Noddy) 
   Ptychoramphus (cassin's auklets) 
   Rhodostethia rosea (Ross Gull) 
   Rissa brevirostris (red-legged kittiwake) 
   Rissa tridactyla (frost gull) 
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Common Names: puffins, goélands, guillemots, auks, sternes, gulls, Laridés, labbes, mouettes, terns, becs-en-ciseaux, Gulls and Allies, Чайковые, goélands, murres

1.  Interspecies comparisons of brominated flame retardants in relation to foraging ecology and behaviour of gulls frequenting a UK landfill.LinkIT
Tongue ADW, Fernie KJ, Harrad S, Drage DS, McGill RAR, Reynolds SJ
The Science of the total environment, 2021

2.  Ingestion of anthropogenic materials by yellow-legged gulls (Larus michahellis) in natural, urban, and landfill sites along Portugal in relation to diet composition.LinkIT
Lopes CS, Paiva VH, Vaz PT, Pais de Faria J, Calado JG, Pereira JM, Ramos JA
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2021

3.  Complete mitochondrial genome of Chroicocephalus brunnicephalus from India: phylogeny with other Larids.LinkIT
Kundu S, Tyagi K, Alam I, Maheswaran G, Kumar V, Chandra K
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2021

4.  External and gastrointestinal parasites of the Franklin's Gull, Leucophaeus pipixcan (Charadriiformes: Laridae), in Talcahuano, central Chile.LinkIT
González-Acuña D, Veloso-Frías J, Missene C, Oyarzún-Ruiz P, Fuentes-Castillo D, Kinsella JM, Mironov S, Barrientos C, Cicchino A, Moreno L
Revista brasileira de parasitologia veterinaria = Brazilian journal of veterinary parasitology : Orgao Oficial do Colegio Brasileiro de Parasitologia Veterinaria, 2020

5.  Accelerometry predicts muscle ultrastructure and flight capabilities in a wild bird.LinkIT
Lalla KM, Whelan S, Brown K, Patterson A, Jimenez AG, Hatch SA, Elliott KH
The Journal of experimental biology, 2020

6.  The effects of migration on the immunity of Black-Headed Gulls (Chroicocephalus ridibundus: Laridae).LinkIT
Ushine N, Kurata O, Tanaka Y, Sato T, Kurahashi Y, Hayama SI
The Journal of veterinary medical science, 2020

7.  Seasonal ingestion of anthropogenic debris in an urban population of gulls.LinkIT
Stewart LG, Lavers JL, Grant ML, Puskic PS, Bond AL
Marine pollution bulletin, 2020

8.  Characterization of anthropogenic materials on yellow-legged gull (Larus michahellis) nests breeding in natural and urban sites along the coast of Portugal.LinkIT
Lopes CS, de Faria JP, Paiva VH, Ramos JA
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2020

9.  Occurrence of Campylobacter jejuni in Gulls Feeding on Zagreb Rubbish Tip, Croatia; Their Diversity and Antimicrobial Susceptibility in Perspective with Human and Broiler Isolates.LinkIT
Jurinovi? L, Duvnjak S, Kompes G, ?oprek S, ?impraga B, Krstulovi? F, Mikuli? M, Humski A
Pathogens (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

10.  Relationship between blood test values and blood lead (Pb) levels in Black-headed gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus: Laridae).LinkIT
Ushine N, Nakayama SMM, Ishizuka M, Sato T, Kurahashi Y, Wakayama E, Sugiura N, Hayama SI
The Journal of veterinary medical science, 2020