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   Coris aygula (Clown wrasse) 

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   Labrus (wrasses) 
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11.  A continuous genome assembly of the corkwing wrasse (Symphodus melops).LinkIT
Mattingsdal M, Jentoft S, Tørresen OK, Knutsen H, Hansen MM, Robalo JI, Zagrodzka Z, André C, Gonzalez EB
Genomics, 2018

12.  Isolation of salmonid alphavirus subtype 6 from wild-caught ballan wrasse, Labrus bergylta (Ascanius).LinkIT
Ruane NM, Swords D, Morrissey T, Geary M, Hickey C, Collins EM, Geoghegan F, Swords F
Journal of fish diseases, 2018

13.  Molecular characterization and function analysis of grouper (Epinephelus coioides) Bruton's tyrosine kinase BTK.LinkIT
Mo ZQ, Han Q, Zeng YL, Wang JL, Li XZ, Li YW, Sun HY, Li AX, Luo XC, Dan XM
Fish & shellfish immunology, 2018

14.  T Cell Receptor Alpha Chain Genes in the Teleost Ballan Wrasse (Labrus bergylta) Are Subjected to Somatic Hypermutation.LinkIT
Bilal S, Lie KK, Sæle Ø, Hordvik I
Frontiers in immunology, 2018

15.  Presence of selected pathogens on the gills of five wrasse species in western Norway.LinkIT
Steigen A, Nylund A, Plarre H, Watanabe K, Karlsbakk E, Brevik Ø
Diseases of aquatic organisms, 2018

16.  Loss of stomach, loss of appetite? Sequencing of the ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta) genome and intestinal transcriptomic profiling illuminate the evolution of loss of stomach function in fish.LinkIT
Lie KK, Tørresen OK, Solbakken MH, Rønnestad I, Tooming-Klunderud A, Nederbragt AJ, Jentoft S, Sæle Ø
BMC genomics, 2018

17.  Piscine myocarditis virus detected in corkwing wrasse (Symphodus melops) and ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta).LinkIT
Scholz F, Ruane NM, Morrissey T, Marcos-López M, Mitchell S, O'Connor I, Mirimin L, MacCarthy E, Rodger HD
Journal of fish diseases, 2018

18.  High nervous necrosis virus (NNV) diversity in wild wrasse (Labridae) in Norway and Sweden.LinkIT
Korsnes K, Karlsbakk E, Skår CK, Sælemyr L, Nylund A, Kvamme BO, Mortensen S
Diseases of aquatic organisms, 2017

19.  Vibrio tapetis from wrasse used for ectoparasite bio-control in salmon farming: phylogenetic analysis and serotyping.LinkIT
Gulla S, Rønneseth A, Sørum H, Vågnes Ø, Balboa S, Romalde JL, Colquhoun DJ
Diseases of aquatic organisms, 2017

20.  Historical gene flow constraints in a northeastern Atlantic fish: phylogeography of the ballan wrasse Labrus bergylta across its distribution range.LinkIT
Almada F, Francisco SM, Lima CS, FitzGerald R, Mirimin L, Villegas-Ríos D, Saborido-Rey F, Afonso P, Morato T, Bexiga S, Robalo JI
Royal Society open science, 2017